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Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
Someone on facebook mentioned this use of AAOIF, he had emails with someone at GW that pretty much confirmed if there's enough drop pods for them to all arrive turn 1, they can do that and assault.
So long as your group is ok with it it's ok. Personally I have seen GW contradict themselves several times in email and social media form, and wouldn't even consider it as evidence one way or the other. As for my side of the topic, the AOIF specifically states that all units must be rolled for and as such that precludes them from being embarked on anything other than a Dedicated Transport with the Deep Strike rule while in Deep Strike Reserve. I'm typically quite against Formation rules being manipulated onto units that aren't part of that Formation or vice versa, once you blur the lines everything falls to shit in my opinion.

Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
I thought that jump packs just conferred Bulky now, are well. That's rather a pain. That means I rather have to rethink the whole list.
Jump packs do confer Bulky, they are however only allowed to embark on Transport vehicles in the instance that the Transport specifically stipulates their inclusion. For example, the Stormraven can transport Jump Infantry but no other Transport in our Codex has that stipulation.

Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
I own neither Vanguard nor a Stormraven
Ah well. There's a Formation in the SoB book that's two Vanguard squads, and a Sternguard squad embarked in a Stormraven. All units must be max size and all Vanguard get free power weapons and all Sternguard get free combi-weapons.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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