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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
That one's worth talking to your opponent about, Formation special rules stating the likes of 'roll one dice, all units in Formation arrive together' may override the Drop Pod Assault rule depending on who you play against. There's a SW Formation that has a unit of Terminators and a unit with a Pod and the draft FAQ kinda addresses it but I can't remember the specifics. Seems like the side that thinks you can do it require that there be enough Pods that the three Terminator units come in T1 together, which you handily have in this list.

A DCC comes stock with a jump pack (with no option for removal) and as such can't be transported via Drop Pod (Transports, BRB pg. 80).

This unit is majorly overkill. On the other hand...you own 10 combi-weapon equipped Sternguard, do you also own a bunch of power weapon equipped Vanguard and a Stormraven?

It's a contest? Here ya go buddy.
Someone on facebook mentioned this use of AAOIF, he had emails with someone at GW that pretty much confirmed if there's enough drop pods for them to all arrive turn 1, they can do that and assault.

I thought that jump packs just conferred Bulky now, are well. That's rather a pain. That means I rather have to rethink the whole list.

It is a bit overkill I own neither Vanguard nor a Stormraven, and currently the Sternguard are in a box winding their way through the Royal Mail.
They're technically a Tactical squad, and I've got enough bits to make out 10 with combi weapons, I plan to magnetise them all anyway.

I have created a modified list that replaces the AAOIF with a Golden Host, and fills out the 5man tactical squad. But that ended me at 4 drop pods, 3 since the Death Company had been evicted. And 2 units on the field turn 1 seems a bit naff in terms of not getting tabled too early.
TH/SS Termies don't seem as good at knocking out tanks, especially heavy tanks/walkers as 5 combi meltas. Although they are 'reuseable' and quite a lot tankier, but also more expensive.

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