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Default 1850pts Blood Angels 'steel rain'

So the aim of the game is everything deep strikes, drop pods and jump packs are best. So being totally optimum obviously isn't the big deal, but being relegated to toilet paper is never fun

+ Arch Angels Orbital Intervention Force +

2x 5 man Assault Terminator squads
- 5x TH/SS

5 man Assault Terminator squad
- 5x Lightning claws

These guys will each borrow a drop pod, Since that will allow accurate turn 1 charges on any unit/vehicle I choose

+ Baal Strike Force +
Death Company Chaplain

10 man Tactical squad
- Heavy flamer
- Flamer
- 2x Hand flamers
Drop pod
Combat squad into the 5 bolters, and 2 bolts+pyros. Pyro's burn stuff.

5 man Tactical squad
- Heavy flamer
- 2x Hand flamers
Drop pod
These guy's kind of like the 'pyro' half of the first Tacticals, but I admit they're here more to fill out a second troop slot and give the odd-numbered pod.

8 man Death Company squad
- 6x Bolt pistol + chainswords
- 2x Boltgun + powerfists
Drop pod
Drop in, rip a squad limb from limb, with the help of the Chaplain

10 man Sternguard squad
- 10x Combi-plasmas
Drop in and combat squad, melting something scary with their plasmas.
what do we think though? Too much? Would the TH/SS Terminators handle this stuff better? They're why I picked plasma rather than melta

2x Drop Pods
- Deathwind missile launchers.
1x Drop Pod
The Terminators chariots, TH/SS get the Deathwinds. They hope to add a scary 'area of denial' and I thought the other squads would kill more/be more at risk to a S5 large blast than TH/SS Termies.

-> 1845pts.
Stick a melta bomb somewhere?

What do we think?
Ideas I had was maybe ditch some-all of the combi-plasmas to perhaps flesh out the 5 man Tactical squad? Maybe get some power swords on the Death Company? Maybe some locator beacons? Maybe some more or less Deathwind missiles?

PS. I now have the top 3 posts in this section. Am I posting too much or is everyone else posting too little?

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