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Default Just a short tale (Second issue of storyteller... )


When Emperor come back will be female

In the sixth month of pregnancy of Teth, a messenger come to a young woman pledged to be married to a man of Davy house. The young girl’s name was Maawii. The messenger went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored!
Maawii was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.
But the messenger said to her, “Do not be afraid, Maawii; you have found favor fate!
You will conceive and give birth to a daughter and she became a mankind chief,
She will be great and will be called the Most High. She will seat on the throne of might, and will reign over galaxy forever; her kingdom will never end.”
“How will this be,” Maawii asked the messenger, “since I am a virgin?”
The messenger answered, “The Psychic Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Emptess.
Even Teth your relative is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was said to be unable to conceive is in her sixth month.
For no word from Might will ever fail.”
“I am the Lord’s servant,” Maawii answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the messenger left her.

On the feral world Mextil o Camaxtil o Ninurta families are ordered in Matriarchies, all males are sent to a long period of military duty. The whole world is perpetually belligerent state, many do not return home. For this reason, with arranged marriages, there will very soon married, to ensure a lineage to the family, which he sees as of chief, always just a woman. Very rare are the cases in which a family harbors the "name" of the father; always remains a woman as head-family.

Every family has the same rank, a member of the family is chosen as representative for issues to be discussed at the social level, the rest depends directly on the choices and decisions of the matrons.

Wars are perpetuated in certain areas as a battlefield, cyclically alternated to give nature time to regenerate and cleanse the area of the clashes.

Chaos, apparently, it was always far away, but we know that the threat, It comes first from within rather than from a xenos contingent of invasion!

Then the Mark of Nurgle is given to Nurgle's greatest followers and they become a living host to the powers of death, disease and decay. Heretics with the Mark of Nurgle are marked by the Plague Father, either as a physical mark corroded into their corrupted flesh or a more secretive but no less permanent mark upon one’s soul. The sigil constantly weeps pus like a viciously festering wound, though this causes the bearer no harm. These characters are compelled to constantly spread Nurgle's Rot throughout the galaxy.

Ledda he was analyzing the forearm sitting in her home lounge, at that moment there was a knock, and before giving the nod to enter, she returned to cover the arm with his shirtsleeve.
« Mother» said entering and saluting lady Quijanne, while he is introducing into the room with six other people, all females.
«Have you already learned of the news ... about Cltewee???»
The woman nodded with a warm smile,
«Well ... it is important that the house always has new heirs!»
Said this when she called close Methinni and asked, almost whispering
«What is known about the action on the battlefield of… Mather rogue?»
«The shot was on target and for now it has not leaked the news the attack on the village Ritroso…»
«If everything works out, we could extend control our stock of new families ...»
The woman nodded
«we'll see…»

Imperial Black Ship landed in a deserted area, where almost it could not be noticed. It was a routine check carried out for seek new psykers or subject to be sent to the Schola Progenium. Also they gathered information to select individuals from the Space Marines or Sororitas ranks.
The inquisitor Hiezzabram and the librarian Illelum Company have, at the end, the task to gather information about the book “Matronicius”.

While performing their work took news of "unrest" in the area destined to the clashes at the North. Rarely, if ever, no battleground spaces were violated. This generated an obvious suspect part of the imperial officers.

The inquisitor Hiezzabram analyzed the situation realizing early on that it was a political maneuver of some powerful matron for gaining acclaim and increasing the household power, would have had the natural consequence government control of a large slice of the world, if not the whole world ...

Left the routine job the imperial attendants, Hiezzabram, Illelum with a small squad went to the place of the "accident". Reached the place in flight with a Thunderhawk, collecting geographic information from above. the Inquisitor made a statement on the cogitator-pad:

The village had been hit ad hoc! Because there were at least six similar objectives in the area!
l "matron" family should ask reconstruction aid, creating unrest in hierarchies.
… shots were fired by a company belonging a small independent matriarchy. By some time were, however, suspected to be drive, not too covertly, from matriarchy Jokastee.

Therefore, if two suspects are an evidence… Hiezzabram had a visit to Jokastee mansion.
If as a rule the Empire is not about the possessions political issues unless it is clear infestation of Chaos. For this reason, the imperial officers are committed to keep track of popular uprisings.

To carry out, however, a punctilious work Hiezzabram visited seven stock, which they were presented related to the case as well as to the family Jokastee.

The families welcomed with formal politeness the inquisitor who asked a series of standard questions interrogating a series of family preordained, divided by gender and age;
in the meantime the library and the rest of the squad performed, reliefs of invisible elements or hidden at a little closer look.
During interrogation Hiezzabram recorded witnesses and sent the cogitator-pad to Illelum the developments and some tips to look or analyze.

The inquisitor knowingly decided to don’t listen all members of the Jokastee on the same day, taking time to reflect or analyze something better that would have escaped.

« We will return in the next few days madam Ledda »
Said dismissing last familiar queried

The arrival of the Emperor’s officers don’t aroused suspicions being a custom-founded for millennia, they presented themselves in Hiezzabram search of subjects useful roles in the hierarchy Holly Terra, and this was a source of pride and hope for many stock.

Returned to the Black Ship, after ablution a short rest and a refresher dinner, Hiezzabram and Illelum analyzed the data collected.

« Collateral lineages seem clean but ... » said Illelum
« We can’t know if you do not find the infection or the infector » Hiezzabram
«Right... and»
« The stock suspected to now has not given evidence »
«The evidence must be found ... they do not show overt! »
« the stock of Dakk ... I think to have detected something, comparison with the psychic Room »
«Have you found something? »
« Perhaps a moment… one frame… here it is! »
On the Pict-screen of the cogitator-pad Illelum showed the picture of a young man in private uniform; a pock on the neck with around a small dark crown with eight tips.
« Zoom it!»
The very high resolution seemed not to doubt
« A mark of Chaos ... »
« He is the only one? »
« He comes from the battlefield? »
« He made just the messenger »
« He was recently at the mansion Jokastee ?»
«I check this ... yes, five days ago »
« You have images? »
« Mmm here's a little less than thirty days ago ... by an Imperial camera »
«No mark!»
«However, if you noticed… the sign is faded ... maybe is disappearing !?»
«A temporary bond mark… is possible…»
«Instead in the Jokastee house no crookedness!?»
«As expected! »
«But… if you dig into memories, before of device’s record… just arrived, in the hall of the mansion and for a istant, almost imperceptible into the lobby room… before a scent ... sweet and light but suffered an aftertaste, acid even before bitter. Vaguely reminiscent of weed… »
«Yeah… I am reminded somethig…»
«And if you focus this… you realize that the smell was stinks! »
«Yes I remember now!»
« Chaos smell! »

The two looked at each other and nodding.

« The matron! » said Illelum
Etiquette of this people does not allow physical contact between strangers.

« If I had shaken her hand, perhaps ... I quickly realized which… she have a mark! A Chaos mark on her right arm!»
«A Nurgle mark!» Sentencing Illelum.

After thinking Hiezzabram added:
«What is the origin the source of the infection !?»
« It is to exclude casual infection? » said Illelum
« The literature reports that this type has a source in the search for the infected »
« The desire for power has put the matron looking for "loopholes" »
« Or she met someone… »
«Landemaar the Infector» They said almost in unison.

« But he is a long quarantined » said Illelum
« We do not have all traces of his journey ... but he was certainly here! »
« In his confession, I read from a astropatich record, talk about two facts connected to this place! »
«Yeah. A passage for the Web of the Eldar and a book ... sacrilegious prophecy about Emperor and his return » said Hiezzabram.

«If there is a portal, where it is?»
« The legal records report that astopatich posts indicate, encrypted between the lines, the coordinates of the portal!»
«Show me that now, please!»

Illelum pass the files to Hiezzabram who analyzing it with the help of cogitator. Scrolling the text the Inquisitor jot the words and data.

« Here I’m ... there are actually coordinate and are on this planet, not too far from a historic battlefield used the last round of conflict » said Hiezzabram.
« If the infection has come from the portal, madam Ledda why she was in that place, or whoever she… » sentencing Illelum.
Hiezzabram take a look to the map.
« I think I know: there is a cemetery and the casualty list is deuced… they fell her husband and second son and in that place, as a ritual, they rest »
« Nearby there is a temple of Saint Clobertius of the Imperial Fist… called Pater Solaris » sayd Illelum who added
« Seems all too easy »
« It's overt it's covert » replay Hiezzabram.

«We have to go…» said Illelum
«Yeah, but not now! For today it’s enought… »said Hiezzabram

At sunrise they went at the Battlefields ΔA and searching in the Mallet Company were the soldier identified by the mark of Chaos was on duty.
They met Colonel Dubjiwo that put aware that the soldier had been killed the previous evening during a reconnaissance action fall under many machinegun shots.
Inquisitor asked and obtained permission to view the corpse. Buried in a new grave was exhumed, at visual examination appeared, albeit faded, the mark of Chaos.
« A latent mark» said the Inquisitor who said also:
«Ok burn his body and line up hi fellow for a control if they too have a mark… in case, proceeding as for him »
With the use of servo-hounds examined the company and no one turned infected.

« Now we have to check the Warp gap »
«Yeah. At south of here there is the temple dedicated to St. Clobertius »
« That's where we're going to see if hidden a some meander we could find the “Liber Matronicus” »

To greet them at the door was the Prior: Abjerionex. Before introducing the sanctuary seated them in a small study where both put some questions.
«Inquisitor, what brings you in the "house" of the Emperor?»
«I'm following a case and my path leads me up to here»
« You hoping to find something, here, that will solve your case?»
«That solves no, but to help me in the hereafter… yeah!» and follow to said « A curiosity, to get started, why the temple was built here !?»
The monk nodde: « in the Age of Unification a contingent of Imperial Fists led by Clobertius came here. Commander following a vision made declaration ». So saying lifted a finger and brought their attention to the writing on the wall placed over his head
I will build your house on the Edge to eternity!
« And that door was sealed… »
«The door what? » Said the prior, not understanding
«Another question, someone of the Jokastes’s stock is came recently to visit here?»
« For sure, all the planet's stocks come here at least once a year, but, now, I check the register»
Took a d-pad from a drawer he saw the finger on the pict-screen and said
« Yeah, the matron madam Ledda and three men have gone recently, quite recently»
« Milady Ledda, her husband, a son and a young soldier ... correct?»
« Right, just few time before the demise of her husband and his son in the war »
«Ok it’s enough! Now, we can see the crypt? »
He nodded « Brother Brwe will show you the way »
When they were alone, they began to rummage without finding anything…of course.

Made this they left the temple and after making a fair offer reaching the nearby wooded hill. A strange hill, shaped like a large donut, probably indeed certainly artificial.
Inside of internal clearing a there is huge crack, or fault; localized only in that space and not continued elsewhere. A short distance from the edge there is a stone chapel now abandoned but still accessible. They entered without having to force the door and carefully analyzed the hall; until the librarian found a hidden door in the altar basement. They pulled out a plate that seemed ancient photographic material. With it a slide with a frame ivory.

Observing the plate through the "special glasses" appeared 3D text touch, writing, probably, in some Eldar language od an period not well defined by the inquisitor. But there was an App that allowed a subtitling choosing between at least eleven million idioms (as reported a caption translated in some common languages including Imperial Gothic).

Inquisitor briefly analyzed the text with the librarian.
« What topic treat exactly? »
«Hard to hay now here… for sure is someting similar of a poem… so can, also, contain prophecies. It seem indicates the Emperor's return, rather, the Empress ... Certainly the book has a psychic halo! You also perceives itr? »
« Yeah. However what I suspicious it’s who the halo is not disturbing »
« And it can mean at least two things: is a fake with magic halo or is a product of Chaos and it work for enmesh us.»
« This kind of items, or are made to find or you do find … »
« It is equally true that we are on a Warp Gate »
«Iits influence interacts with what is near»
«Right… and.. maybe when we far away… its magic will fade»

After the discovery of the book went on thunderhawk and made the move to the mansion of the Jokastes’s stock. Landed on the lawn in front of the villa.
The housekeeper Bleghida recive the inquisitor Hiezzabram.
«You are back to finish the selection !? »
«Maybe. Some domestic or family left the mansion and is now farawey? »
« No sir, All are present and in greeting »
« Very well thank you! » she nodded
« You have the kindness to accommodate everyone in the party hall!? »
« Everyone? »
« Right lady, including any pets ... if there are »
«How much time do I have? »
« Please, within half an hour, will still be a short meeting »

While awaiting the arrival of Jokastes the inquisitor and his squad prepare the hall. When all were assembled and sitting comfortably the inquisitor Hiezzabram said:
« The mark of Chaos is in this mansion, in the name of Emperor, Purge!»

The saloon era was inundated by a paralyzing gas odorless and tasteless.
No one moved or it could do! The squad was injected a serum and was immune to the gas.
Blaster with blaze-psychic annihilate bystanders. Done this, they observed on the arms of the matron of Chaos brands in development. They burned all the bodies with flamethrowers to prometeo, then destroyed the house to its foundations.

We do not know if it was enough
if the free winds of Chaos on Ninurta
that was growing was eradicated!
If there is a prophecy will be fulfilled
If it's a rumor the wind will take away
With him.

A monk came down in the crypt kneels in foront of the altar. From the basement open a little door and pull out a book, a true book! Knees himself ad began to read:

A time will come
when everything will be restored
who govern
now is seat, and will rise up
Who confer new order in the galaxy
It will Empress.
'cause the universe is female.
and she has the door for change!

could continue
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