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There aren't many Formations more powerful than the Skyhammer one when it comes to DS from Reserve, when you consider every bonus given to BA relates to charging and their Formations offer disordered charges out of DS (which is quite balanced in my opinion) they start to pale next to the Skyhammer despite having specialist troops. To my knowledge, which admittedly doesn't account for the whole 40k range but at least a large chunk of it, that Formation is the pinnacle of SM (of any flavour's) cheesery, but if you go hard with it (and why wouldn't you) it's quite expensive both points wise and financially.

Ultimately you have some models for it and no models for any other option, it might be worth considering what you already have available and trying it out before jumping to other armies for their rules.

....although Dante and a bunch of Sanguinary Guard falling from the sky into assault is really quite brilliant. Gulliballs has ceded command to him before so if you go with that option you (let's be honest here, I) can just imagine Dante showing up at a Ultramarine battlezone and going "for Sanguinius' sake boys, here, here, and here if you want a win within a decade's time."

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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