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A run down of the individuals in the chosen squad:

Honsou (with his fancy metal arm) leads his chosen warriors and protectors, with The Newborn represented as per the artwork (although I think he might be proxied with power maul or something for games, havent yet decided).
Caradas Grendel totes his trademark melta gun and old school helmet. He is armed with a dagger to reflect the knife fight he has with some ultras on Calth.
There are four marines with bolter/power sword which are a mix of actual chaos ones and some imperial ones with notches/nicks in the blade. I'll paint these up with a bit of rust for added chaosyness.
The three remaining guys are bolter chainswords.

The main thing I wanted to achieve was truescale and heroic/dynamic poses (although I realised that theres actually two blokes in the exact same pose GADDAMMIT!!!) and I'm pretty hapy with the results, cant wait to get some colour on them.


Aaaaaand shit pics.
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