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I had a phenomenally productive day yesterday; got my true scale marines to the point where its just the waist to finish the join and put the finishing touches to my 'Erasmus Golg' conversion, as well as a HH Primus Medicae, a legion sgt and started putting paint onto my WH Fest legion Praetor/Warsmith.

I'm hoping to get all the green stuff work finished on xmas eve so I can spray and start batch painting in the new year.

First up, the HH characters:

The Legion sgt was a simple job; I got some bits from Anvil Industries and wanted to see how they fared with various glues/resin/plastic etc, and a Sgt seemed like something that would be adequate for an initial tester.
Sgt with bolter and power axe.

I saw a post on an FB group about HH apothecaries in terminator armour; seemed like a cool conversion to use up a spare body I had. Golg started out as a standard Sgt, but I got carried away with green stuff and a scalpel!

Golg is made with a standard BaC cata body, the head from one of the admech breacher robots ('cos it had lots of cables on 'is 'ead), and a standard chainfist arm, but with a lens i found in the bits box (think its eldar by the look of it). Loin cloth is from the 40k termie lord trimmed to fit and the other arm is a mixture of lots of bits; cata heavy flamer arm completely cut back, a 40k termie combi melta, top half of a marine power pack and a drum mag from a BaC combi bolter. I also added various bits of cables, and guitar string (which I'm really getting the hang of working with now). Really happy with how the underslung combi melta turned out, although I think I might add in some extra small guitar strings/twisted wires to it.

The medicae is again a standard plastic cata body, with basically a modified combi bolter and narthecium. The narthecium was a lot of fiddly work - I had to cut back the chainblade base where it connects to the fist and then add a 1mm bit of plasticard to raise up the drill part, which is mounted on half of one of the grenade harnesses. The bolter arm is essentially the standard combi bolter with the half that doesn’t have the hand attached completely cut back at the barrel and mag. I replaced the barrel with a dark eldar pistol barrel and then added in a couple of toxin chambers from the apothecary back pack. I also added the back of the dark eldar pistol to replace the drum mag that got cut off (and then handily put on Golg) and added a bit of leftover from the narthecium to finish it off. I found some plastic cable and guitar string to finish off the connections from the arms to the body.

Legion Praetor/Warsmith is really only posted because he is stored in the same Tupperware box as the other cata terminators.

Sorry for the rubbish photos.
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