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Easily the shortest part of this long generator, it mainly give guidelines about what happened to the Primarch following the Heresy.

What happened to the Primarch? (1d6) (Loyalist)
  • 1: Killed by a traitor Primarch during the counter attack that followed the Siege of Terra.
  • 2-3: Disappeared shortly after the Codex Astartes was created by Roboute Guillimane.
  • 4: Was killed in later campaigns for the Imperium.
  • 5-6: Stayed long enough to realize he was one of the last Primarchs still around, and finally disappeared shortly for mysterious reasons known only by its chapter.

What did they think of the Codex Astartes? (1d8) (Loyalist)
If Roboute Guillimane is friend with your Primarch, you ether accept it or follow it to the letter.
  • 1-2: Your Primarch massively opposed it along Leman Russ and Rogal Dorne. However, later events would force him to comply to it.
  • 3-4: Your Primarch accept grudgingly to accept it, but many rules of the Codex aren't respected by the newly formed Chapters.
  • 5-6: Your Primarch accept to follow the Codex, admitting the necessity of such reforms.
  • 7-8: Your Primarch believe that the Codex the future of the Astartes, and force is Chapters to follow it to the letter

How Many Successor Chapters from the Second Founding? (1d6) (Loyalist)
If your forces were decimated on Itssvan (Terra Countdown: -2), your Legion is too weak to divide into Chapters. If they were on Itssvan V, roll 1d4 instead of 1d6.
  • 1: 0
  • 2: 1
  • 3: 2
  • 4: 3
  • 5: 4
  • 6: 5

What happened to the Primarch? (1d8)(Traitor)
  • 1: He was killed shortly after the Heresy at the hand of a loyalist Primarch, maybe even while retreating to the Eye of Terror.
  • 2-4: He still live, but never ascended to Daemon Princedom.
  • 5-8: Ascended to Daemon Prince following the Heresy.

How are the mutations in his Legion? (1d6) (Traitor)
  • 1: Almost none, like the Night Lords. The genes of the Legion remained almost entirely pure.
  • 2-5: Similar to the other Traitor Legions.
  • 6: It has become a real problem, like in the Black Legion.


Legion: Storm Knights
Number: II
Homeworld: Caral
Primarch: Jeckel Luppolt
Nickname: The Fitzemperor
Side: Traitors (Chaos Undivided)

Following death of Horus, Jeckel was forced to retreat in the Eye of Terror along the other Traitors. There, he established his personal domain, with the planet of Carven as its capital. It is said he built himself a throne on the planet, and waited patiently the gift of Daemon Princedom from the Gods.

However, when it became clear that it would never come, the Storm Knights abandoned their Progenitor, seeing as pathetic compared to the other Primarchs, who had already became Princes by then. They chattered into warbands and left Carven. Without his Legion, Jeckel little empire crumble, his army of demons failing to keep his control in all this chaos.

Jeckel, abandoned by his men and failing to keep the realm he always thought he deserved, abandoned Carven and disappear, searching for a way to prove the Ruinous Powers that he deserved to be a Prince Demon like his brothers.

The Storm Knights, who became know for their use of demons in their armies, still fear his eventual success as of the 41th Millennium, as they believe his ascension and return would be follow by his vengeance against the Legion that abandoned him and cost him his empire. Nobody really know were Second Primarch is, although sighting of "The Host of the Fitzemperor" are mentioned during Black Crusades. Whenever it is true or not is anyone guess...


Legion: White Swords (previously Ultra Wings)
Number: XI
Homeworld: Atahan
Primarch: Severus Polemarch
Nickname: The Alabaster Sun
Side: Loyalist

Following the end of the Heresy, Severus helped Roboute Guillimane in his reforms of the Imperium, especially in the Imperial Army, where Severus gained many friends over the years. However, he eventually delegatd his power to others, like he usually do, and in the end had little impact on the restructuration of the Imperium.

When Roboute Guillimane created the Codex Astartes, Severus admited the necessity of such reforms. Due to his habit of leaving the important decisions in the hands of is lieutenants, who each lead their troops in their own way, the transition into chapters was made easily. Three new Chapter were born from this division:
  • the White Eagles
  • the Alabaster Guard
  • the Honoured Jaguars

Following the division, Severus said that in the Chapters "didn't need their Primarch around" and went away on a "Personal Quest", leaving only behind his personal blade to the new Chapter Master of the White Swords, an artifact still own used as the main weapon of the Chapter Master. Following his disappearance, many speculated that he would one day return, although the White Swords and their Successors don't believe he will lead them once he return.

Many of the soldiers that fought alongside Severus and his Legion named their sons after him, and today Severus is a common name in the Imperium. Just like their Primarch, the White Swords kept close ties with the Imperial Guard, and it is frequent to see them and their Successors causally interaction with members of the Guard. And even today, many believe that the Alabaster Sun will rise once again upon the Imperium.
And this my generator. Yeah, I agree its long, but I always found it fun.

Ave Dominus Nox
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