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OK, this part is probably the longest and most complicated part of this Generator.

There was many ways of doing some sections of it, so I decided to go with the simplest ways of doing things and to put the other ways into a section named Alternate rules. I'll make one of my examples with alternate rules and the other without them, so you can see the difference and chose what you prefer.

There also two new things that should be taken in account:

The first one is the list of friends and enemies between your Primarch and his brothers. Many Primarchs have friends and enemies among themselves. For example: Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus are friends, while Rogan Dorne and Pertruabo are enemies. Your Primarch start with one friend and one enemy, but the list can grow as the Great Crusade goes on.

The second one is the introduction of the Countdowns, the first one being the Ulanor Countdown. Each campaign that your Primarch and his Legion do will lower the countdown, and when it come to 0 the Crusade of Ulanor happen.

So now, your notes should look something like this:

Legion: Legion Name
Number: Legion Number
Homeworld: Homeworld Name
Primarch: Primarch Name
Nickname: the Nickname
Modifier: +/- something (Early Life)/ +/- something (Great Crusade)

Ulanor Countdown: 20 (If your countdown stop on 0, your Primarch is present for both the Crusade and the Triumph of Ulanor. If it stop on -1 or -2, your Primarch is only present for the Triumph of Ulanor)




The Primarch with who your Primarch really getting along. (1d20)
Take the Primarch whose Legion's number you roll (re-roll if 2 or 11). Here is the modifier you get when you become friend with someone.
  • -5 if it's Horus
  • -2 if it's Lorgar
  • -1 if it's a Primarch who'll turn traitor.
  • +1 if it's a Primarch who'll remain loyal.
  • +2 if it's Sanguinious
  • +3 if it's Rogal Dorne
The Primarch that your Primarch hate the most (1d20)
Take the Primarch whose Legion's number you roll (re-roll if 2 or 11). Here is the modifier you get when you become enemy with someone.
  • -2 if it's Rogal Dorne
  • -1 if it's a Primarch who'll remain loyal.
  • +1 if it's a Primarch who'll turn traitor.
  • +4 if it's Horus
Here is te complicated part I talked about. This is made to simulate the most memorable campaigns of your Primarch along his brothers. Normally, you'll get fron 5 to 8 campaigns, depending how well it went for your Primarch. One campaign is roll in the following order:
  • Fellow Primarch Present
  • Who is the enemy?
  • Difficulty of the Campaign
  • Complications
When it is done, you just do it again until your Ulanor Countdown has reach 0 or less.

Fellow Primarch present (1d20)
This is to decide which other Primarch is there during this campaign. Take the Primarch whose Legion's number you roll. On a 2 or 11, your Primarch is alone on this campaign. Note that modifiers are added to The Modifier depending who is along you during a campaign.
  • -2 if it's Lorgar
  • -1 if it's a friend who later become a traitor
  • -1 if it's an enemy who remain loyal
  • +1 if it's a friend who remain loyal
  • +1 if it's an enemy who later become a traitor
Who is the enemy? (1d10)
  • 1-5: Humans
  • 6: Eldars
  • 7-8: Orks
  • 9-10: Another kind of Xenos

Difficulty of the Campaign (1d10)
This will determine how well your Legion did on the campaign. The number in the () is by ow much you lower the countdown. If it has ether ŕ + or a -, it is for The Modifier, not for the Countdown.
  • 1-2: Swift Victory, quick and total, one of your best and easiest campaigns. (1)
  • 3-4: Easy Victory, took some time but was overall simple. (2)
  • 5-6: Well Deserved Victory, many efforts were put into this campaign, and they paid off in the end. (3)
  • 7-8: Hard-Won Victory, this campaign was long and difficult, ether because of the enemy being stronger than planed or there was some errors made during the war. (4)
  • 9-10: Bitter Victory, it took an eternity to finish it, too much troops died on it, and massive mistakes were made that prolonged the campaign. Your Legion prefer to not talk about this campaign. (5)

Complications (1d10)
  • 1: Your Primarch made a mistake so enormous that the Emperor himself had to come clean the mess. The humiliation for your Primarch was enormous. (-2, lower the Ulanor Countdown by 2)
  • 2: A dispute over tactics between the Primarchs present on this campaign cause an error that significantly slow the war, and each Primarch accuse the other of being responsible. (lower the Ulanor Countdown by 1, add the other Primarch on this campaign as an enemy, unless he is your Primarch's friend, in which cause they find some compromise and stay friend.)
  • 3: Some unknown enemy secret weapon cause problems in the offensive and make the victory more difficult to achieve. (lower the Ulanor Countdown by 1)
  • 4: One of the Primarchs on this campaign (yours or the other one) act in an excessive way, leaving bitter memeries of this campaign. (-1)
  • 5-7: The campaign goes with no serious complication.
  • 8: Due to some events in this campaign, the Imperial Army comes to respect your Primarch and his Legion, while they themselves begin to appreciate the Imperial Army. (+1)
  • 9: This Campaign allow your Primarch to get close with one of his brother, both realizing they had more in common than they thought. This new-found cooperation and friendship allow for a faster campaign. (the Ulanor Countdown goes up by 1, add the other Primarch on this campaign as a friend, unless he is already your enemy, in which case it was more of a temporary cooperation your Primarch quickly refuse to continue. )
  • 10: The Emperor himself is part of this campaign, your Primarch have the honour of fighting alongside his father. (+2, the Ulanor Countdown goes up by 1)

Ulanor Crusade (1d6)
If your Countdown stopped on 0, your Primarch and his Legion are present on Ulanor.
  • 1: Against all odds, the Emperor order your Primarch and his Legion to stay out of the fight, and refuse to let them participate, despite the protests of your Primarch. (-5)
  • 2: An error in a timing, a charge too soon or your Legion broke formation for some reason. Whatever was the mistake made, it cost a lot to the Imperial forces, and Roboute Guillimane hold your Primarch personally responsible for that mistake and will never stop reminding you of it. (-3)
  • 3: The number of Orks killed by your Primarch is astonishing, some Imperial historians mentioning “A mountain of corpses blocking the sky”.
  • 4: Ulanor allowed your Primarch to grow closer with Jagathai Khan, one of his fellow brothers. (add Jaghatai Khan as friend, or if he is an enemy remove him from the enemies, +1)
  • 5: The actions of your Primarch and his Legion saved tens, if not hundreds of thousands of troops from the Imperial Army. The Army will celebrate your Primarch's actions for centuries. It is a good day to be part of the Imperium. (+3)
  • 6: For the last time, your Primarch was able to fight alongside the Emperors. The sight of father and son, back-to-back and making their way through waves of Orks, will remain in the imperial history forever. (+5)

Ulanor Triomph (1d6)
In front of is brothers, Horus is made Warmaster, and the Emperor retreat himself from the Great Crusade. What do your Primarch think of Emperor's choice of naming Horus? (If Horus is your Primarch's friend, he automatically support the nomination. If he is his enemy, then he cannot support it)
  • 1: Your Primarch think he should have been named Warmaster, and that the Emperor made a mistake. (-3)
  • 2-3: Your Primarch would have preferred another Primarch tan Horus. (-1)
  • 4-6: Your Primarch agree with the Emperor that Horus is the best choice. (+2)

Here is the table for your Primarch reaction if he wasn't present at the Triumph:
  • 1: Your Primarch think he should have been named Warmaster, and that the Emperor made a mistake. (-1)
  • 2-3: Your Primarch would have preferred another Primarch tan Horus.
  • 4-6: Your Primarch agree with the Emperor that Horus is the best choice. (+1)

Alternate rules
Those are custom rules is sometime used. You can use them however you want.
When you roll the difficulty of the campaign, instead of rolling it once, roll it once for each Legion present, and then calculate the average. This is mainly to show that one Legion did better while the other held the campaign down, which can make interesting fluff.
Once, you can roll 2 Legions instead of 1, making it a bigger and more important campaign.


Legion: Storm Knights
Number: II
Homeworld: Caral
Primarch: Jeckel Luppolt
Nickname: The Fitzemperor
Modifier: -1 (Early Life)/-4 (Great Crusade)

Great Crusade

  • Horus. Somehow Jeckel came to respect Horus and his skills, and they became close friends.
  • Ferrus Manus. Jeckel always looked down on Ferrus Manus because he believe the Iron Hands Primarch to be weak due to his metal hands, while Ferrus Manus just never supported Jeckel arrogance.
  • Jagathai Khan. After the Khan refused to listen to Jeckel on the Roglert Campaign, Jeckel was forced to go save his brother, which also caused a stop to the campaign. This little adventure convince Jeckel that Jaghatai Khan is an imbecile.

Ulanor Countdown: -1 (20-4=16/ 16-3+1=14/ 14-5=9/ 9-2=7/ 7-4=3/ 3-4=-1)

  • Motogon Prime Campaign: Along the Thousand Sons, the Storm Knights fought human and obtained a difficult victory, mainly due to the Storm Knights themselves, who kept making mistakes after mistakes. They prefer to forget that without Magnus's help, the Fitzemperor and his legion would have been stuck in this campaign for an eternity. (4)
  • Stercent IX Campaign: Once again along Magnus and his legion, they faced a human society full of psykers. Those psykers where actually quite a problem for the Thousand Sons, but the arrival of the Emperor allowed a the Legions to obtain victory and memories they will never forget. (3, countdown up by 1)
  • Roglert Campaign: With the White Scars. This campaign ended up in a bitter victory, mainly due to the waste of time the Storm Knights took saving the White Scars, who were stuck in the middle of orks territories. Jeckel openly called Jaghatai an imbecile and a barbarian following the campaign, thus making another foe among his brothers. (5)
  • Sidoris Cluster Campaign: Once again with the White Scars, the Sidoris Cluster held a human empire that refused to join the Imperium. It was an easy campaign, in which the White Scars proved their skills and talents through swift and efficient conquests, to the anger of Jeckel. (2)
  • Ravar Campaign: Along Leman Russ and the Space Wolves, they went liberate a human world under Orks assault. The locals decided to join the Imperium in the fight when they say te two Primarchs arrived. Jeckel made numerous mistakes during this campaign, and the Space Wolves were forced to clean behind the Storm Knights failures. (4)
  • Calisma II Campaign: Fighting a planet full of insect like Xenos, the Storm Knights face better resistance than planned, forcing them to spend too much time on this campaign to join the Emperor on Ulanor. (4)

Ulanor Triumph
Jeckel, the so-called "Fitzemperor", arrived on Ulanor alongside other legions, coming fresh from the Calisma II Campaign. When his longtime friend Horus became Warmaster, he was among the first to congratulate him.

Stercent XI Campaign example:
  • Rolled 15 for the Legion. The XV Legion is the Thousand Sons.
  • The enemy is human
  • Well Deserved Victory, many efforts were put into this campaign, and they paid off in the end. (3)
  • The Emperor himself is part of this campaign, your Primarch have the honour of fighting alongside his father. (+2, the Ulanor Countdown goes up by 1)
  • The Campaign downed the countdown by 3, but the Emperor helping got it up by 1, so the countdown goes down by 2
  • Also give +2 modifier


Legion: White Swords (previously Ultra Wings)
Number: XI
Homeworld: Atahan
Primarch: Severus Polemarch
Nickname: The Alabaster Sun
Modifier: +5 (Early Life)/ +6 (Great Crusade)

Ulanor Countdown: 0 (20-4=16/ 16-3=13/ 13-2=11/ 11-1-1=9/ 9-1+1=9/ 9-3=6/ 6-2=4/ 4-1-1=2/ 2-2=0)

Great Crusade

  • Rogal Dorne. He was the one who showed him ow the Imperium work and how to lead his Legion. Since then, Severus had the utmost respect for his mentor.

  • Lorgar. Severus, raised in a materialistic society who only believed into resources and money, never got along with the religious Lorgar.
  • Lion El'Jonson. After Severus mistake let the Eldars escape Cariel Secundus, Lion El'Jonson and Severus began to exibit a complet lack of respect for each other.
  • Mortarion. The tactics and gas weapons of Mortarions were criticized by Severus, which started a mutual hatred between the two.

  • Kangossa III Campaign: With Ultramarines against a strange race of bear-like Xenos. Due to the unconventional tactics of the Xenos, the Ultramarines had some difficulties, and so the White Swords stepped in to save the day. (4)
  • Hiapha Cluster Campaign: A deserved victory along the Raven Guards on a group of Dark Eldars. Even with many losses, the White Swords came out of this victory, especially thanks to Corax tactics. (3)
  • Liahide Campaign: With the Death Guard. This victory ended up baddly due to the gas used by Mortarion, which killed a great part of the human population, much to Severus shock. It left a bad taste in the Primarch mouth. (2)
  • Cariel Secundus Campaign: With the Dark Angels. They led an assault against Eldars, but they were able to escape due to a problem in the Astartes formation. Lion accused Severus, and hatred between the two Primarchs grew since. (1, countdown down by 1)
  • Areraxis Campaign: The surprise attack of Severus on Areraxis was a total surprise for the population. Following the first battle, the Alabaster Sun was joined by his father, who was able to convince the citizens of the planet to join the Imperium and surrender. (1, countdown up by 1)
  • Septepian V Campaign: Alongside Konrad Curze and Magnus the Red. This human world was a hard fought campaign for the White Swords and Night Lords, but the arrival of the Thousand Sons allowed a total victory. (3)
  • Symecore Prime Campaign: When the siege of the Iron Warriors on Symecore Prime took too much time, the White Swords were sent to launced a more agressive assault, and rapidly the planet was under imperial control. (2)
  • Kryodus Campaign: In the quick campaign against the Orks, the tensions between Mortarion and Severus finally blew up, and their constant disagreement cause many problems during the campaign. (1, countdown down by 1)
  • Palius Campaign: In what seems to be a difficult campaign against Xenos, the arrival of Fulgrim and his Legion turned the tied of the war, and greatly helped Severus. (2)
  • Ulanor Crusade: The Wite Swords and their Primarch saved many of the imperials based established on Ulanor during the war, saving hundreds of thousands troops whose lost could have been a problem to the campaign. Severus was acclaimed as a hero by the Imperial Army, and from this day a bond between the White Swords and the Imperial Army was born.

Ulanor Triumph
Severus was among the Primarchs present for the celebration of the Ulanor Crusade, in which he played a role himself. The Guards charged to protect the palace in which the Emperor resided on Ulanor were chosen by Severus himself and were among the ones he saved. When Horus was made Warmaster, The Alabaster Sun (his nickname) was surprised like everyone, although he supported the choice of his father, knowing that the Emperor would never make a wrong choice.

Ave Dominus Nox

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