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Default Primarch Story Generator

I created this Generator a while back and used it with friends to have fun creating fluff and alternate stories. One of them suggested to me that I put it online, and I thought “Hey, why not”.

Anyway, this generator was created to allow the story of additional Primarchs during the Heresy. It is a Generator with a lot of things, and may be complicated, so I decided to divide it into 5 parts, namely:
  1. Early Life: The Primarch's life on his homeworld and his discovery by the Emperor.
  2. Great Crusade: The Primarchs main campaigns during the Great Crusade. End with the Crusade and Triumph of Ulanor.
  3. Warmaster Crusade: The Crusade under Horus's leadership, from Ulanor up to Itssvan V. By the end of it, your Primarch will be ether a loyalist or a traitor.
  4. Horus Heresy: The main fights between the traitors and loyalists. End with the Battle of Terra and the death of Horus.
  5. Aftermaths: The shortest part, focus on what happened to your Primarch and his Legion following the Heresy.

For this generator you'll need two things:
  • Ether an online dice roller or real dices.
  • Something to generate names, mainly for your Primarch, Legion and for the planets and systems where they'll fight.

Legion: The name of your Legion.
Number: The number of your Legion (like II or XI, for exemple)
Homeworld: The Homeworld of your Legion, where your Primarch was raised.
Primarch: Your Primarch name.
Nickname: If he has some nickname(s), like The Phoenician for Fulgrim or the Urizen for Lorgar
Modifier: During the Generator, you'll get + and -. Put the total here. It will be added to the roll that will determine if your Primarch goes traitor or stays loyal.

Of course, the rolls aren't everything, and there's always a need to add some fluff. I'll put two Primarchs as examples if it help understand how the generator work. For those two, let assume that they are the long lost Primarchs, which in this case were found and joined their brothers in the Great Crusade.

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