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Default District terra wip

So it's been probably years since I have put my face on these forums and it's probably time I get back to where it all started...

I've had some very hectic tournaments in the last few years, focusing primarily on CSM but moved the start of 2016 to the loyalist and superior codex of SPACE MARINES!

I've gone through a full circle event realising that as much as I do love Death Guard, they were not heavy on the chaos iconography like other chaos marines were so I went back and built a full army of loyalist kits with the preheresy scheme with a few worn out models but mostly basic painting on them.

I ran with this on the CSM codex for a good two years, heavily investing in vindicators, land raider and terminators to get my work done and I performed well most games but then the codex creep came...

Experiments with 4 Maulerfiends, Cypher in Spawn stars, and all the like left me feeling let down by the basic elements of the army and so the Emperors guiding light set me free.

The leap into using preheresy models came almost 2 years ago because of their rugged and tough appearance plus being expensive they were not seen often at tournaments in this area so I took to it quickly and they suited my painting style - fast and washy!

Within months I had made 50 marines and a few tanks as well as ordered 15 odd terminators, which is now in the 50 mark thanks to BAC and BOP box sets.

My shift in the hobby though turned towards the hobby, where I found solace those earlier years when things in life just seemed tough, warhammer and particularly the building of terrain gave me a reason to be excited for tomorrow.


I put most of my stuff on here, been using it as a good creative release and have just in the last month moved in to a much bigger home where I can finally get some real work done and all those half finished projects can go to rest.

Just to make sure there is enough spam in the post.

I hope to reconnect again with those of you I may have lost, and make new friends along the way!!!

Introduce yourself either here or FB.

Looking forward to a good reunion.

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