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Originally Posted by The Final Frontier View Post
Look like 19th century Cavalry lol

When I meant knights, I was thinking of something like Empire Knights from WF basically with lasguns or las pistols. There is no reason really, was just curious when I reading about the Rough Riders.

So does power armor cost more then producing a Lemun Russ or tanks in general? so I guess an elite regiment from a forge world wouldn't have access to PA huh?
In general I would say yes, Power Armor costs more to produce/maintain tanks. Understand that most space marine chapters have to cobble together suits of power armor. There is a reason why not everyone is wearing the newest set of power armor. (Mark 8 I think) Things are even worse for terminator armor.

That said this is for space marines, perhaps power armor for normal humans don't have all of the fancy stuffs.

In other words, go with @ntaw 's words.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Ah well. It's sci-fi, I guess just convert up your models and write whatever backstory you like.

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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