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Lightbulb Arhurt's conversion corner: Necrons, Chaos and the occasional Infinity model...

Hi All!

I had a thread on Warseer a long time ago about my original Necron Army. I'm at it again a couple years later and would like to share some of what I'm building.

My goal is to have a unique force, a one of a kind that can get people's attention. The core of that will be done by my vehicle conversions even though I do some minor modifications to my infantry and characters as well.

The backstory of my Dynasty is that one necron Lord, Harut, was tasked with staying awake during the long sleep. He was a master of canoptek engineering and he made modifications to the war protocol of the Dakhma.

Unknow to all, however, madness has overcome Harut as he has fallen slave to another entity. He changed and tampered with the reawakening protocols of his Nemesor and Lords and Harut and his mysterious master have basically seized control of the Dynasty.

With no further delays, lets start with something Juicy.

Dakhma Tomb Blades

Reworked by the Canoptek Lord Harut, the eternal watcher, these Tomb Blades rely more on the skills of the rider than on the computational algorithims of the bike.

You can find Work in Progress pictures at my blog, under the Tomb Blades tag, here.

Also, a few of my characters so far:

Nemesor Mahvan'erel, deathbringer of Dakhma

Harut, the eternal watcher, canoptek lord of Dakhma

Autharok, Dakhma warmaster

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