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Tomb Kings
Written by Stephen_Newman


South to the lands of man, further south than the Ork ridden Badlands exists vast quantities of desert. It is here in this desert where the once proud and ancient kingdom of Nehekhara exists.

In its past Nehekhara was a glorious advanced civilization that was founded on the might of the priest kings and their servants in the mortuary cult. In death these mighty kings were mummified in exquisite burial ritualswhere they were promised that in their next lives they would lead glorious armies and live eternally. They were buried in great pyramids with marvellous statuary from faithful Necrotects and buried with entire armies to lead in the next life.

However all this changed with the coming of Nagash. The most powerful and evil sorceror the world will ever know Nagash lead a bloody war against the priest kings and was eventually driven out in a series of bloody wars. however at the end of these wars Nehekhara had changed. Its people long all slain and a great necromantic chant had arisen the Tomb Kings and their armies. Denied the promise of eternal life and a glorious kingdom as promised by the mortuary cult their anger and wrath was great. To this day the Tomb Kings mean to expand their great realms to the extent that they once were and teach the lesser races of men who were once the most powerful.


Having been of a recent army update the Tomb Kings range has a vast extent of wonderful looking models. Whether it is the look of the skeletons riding chariots pulled by skeletal steeds or the grand majesty imposed by a Warsphinx the range is almost bound to have a model that is in your taste.

One thing when getting a Tomb Kings army is a nice quick way of painting bone. After all you are going to be painting a lot of it! Luckily to help you in this certain task most of the Tomb King range is made of plastic, which is much easier to work with. They were even one of the first armies to have a substantial contigent of resin products which are also relatively easy to work with.


In game the Tomb Kings have a very unique nature. For starters every army has to have a character who is designated the Heirophant. This will typically be the most experianced wizard in the army and this particular model will be key to many of your plans. After all if the Heirophant dies then the army will slowly crumble apart. However to help with the protection of the Heirophant there is the option for vast legions of cheap troops in the form of Skeleton Warriors and archers. Alternatively there is also options for an all mounted host riding skeletal steeds or the more formidable chariot legions.

All of this is backed up by the Animated constructs. These units are statues dedicated to the Gods of Nehekhara in the forms of Giants, Idols, Scorpions, Sphinxes and other bizarre combinations. These models provide a solid core to the army and can be used to stop enemy charges or support charges of your own.

Model Rundown

Tomb King
These are typically the head honchos of many armies. They are dead hard characters with an impressive stat line, potential for good combinations for magical items and special rules which allow a mighty buff to the unit they occupy. This can allow a large part of your battleline to fight with the expert skill available normally only accessible to the mightiest heroes!

High Liche Priest
If you favour magic and want a powerful Heirophant then this is your guy. Whilst not having a great stat line they can be powerful level 4 wizards and when armed with the right magic spells can either create magical enchantments to protect your own units or magically move your army at ridiculously high speeds!

Tomb Prince
A lesser version of the mightier Tomb Kings but a great unit to field in lower point games. They mimic the Tomb Kings with an impressive stat line, equal to other Lord choices from other armies despite being a hero choice, the ability to buff a unit and good options.

Tomb Heralds
These guys operate as good bodyguards. Or super Tomb Guard so to speak (those guys covered later). Tomb Heralds have Killing Blow and a decent stat line to help them challenge other heroes from other army lists. They also have the option for a battle standard bearer and can protect your Tomb Kings and Princes from threats should they be close enough.

Liche Priest
Most armies will likely include at least one of these guys. Lesser versions of the more expensive High Liche Priest these old wizards provide magical support for an army and one of these is likely to be the army Heirophant if led by a tomb king

A last potential hero choice. These guys scultped the statuary of Nehekhara in their life and now are very anger about the damage caused by the lesser races against their sacred objects. As a result these master architects can provide a special save for animated constructs and confer hatred to a unit they join which makes them much more effective in combat.

Skeleton Warriors
The basic foot soldier of the army. Not going to lie to you these guys suck stat wise but luckily to make them more appealing units of these are VERY cheap to make (at least points wise. Your wallet may differ) and when in large horde formations can tarpit even the most hard hitting units and strike back.

Skeleton Archers
The same as the Warriors. Except these guys have bows! However the Tomb Kings use special arrows that always hit on 5's. Whilst this might seem crummy when compared to other races but bear in mind these will NEVER suffer modifiers that the lesser races bear with. Skeleton Archers do not care if you are hiding in cover, skirmishers, have special rules etc because they will ALWAYS hit on 5's. Typically a unit of these guys are normally included in every competitive Tomb King list.

Skeleton Horsemen
These are also the same stat wise as your Warriors. Except they ride horses. Whilst the steed has an equally unimpressive stat line they do now have the mobility to zip around the flanks of an army and break ranks thanks to a high movement value and the Vanguard special rule.

Skeleton Horse Archers
Think of these as Skellie Archers on horses. Being fast cavalry these guys are ridiculously fast and manouverable. Having both the Vanguard and Scouts special rules mean these guys can quite likely be behind the enemy army before the first turn. Also always hitting on 5's is never a bad thing, even on the move.

Skeleton Chariots
One of my personal favourite units. This is another area the Tomb Kings differ from the norm. The Tomb Kings are the ONLY army that fields units of Chariots. Being fast and generating a vast number of impact hits it might not surprise one to know they are not the cheapest models (although on the opposite end of the spectrum your wallet may like them more!) but pack a serious punch, especially when backed by Animated Constructs or by flanking Skeleton Horsemen.

Tomb Guard
These are sort of the upgraded version of Skeleton Warriors (or lesser Tomb Heralds) and quite a difference these upgrades make. Tomb Guard come with an impressive stat line, armour of some kind and the Killing Blow special rule. This allows them to take enemy charges and cut through the most heavily armoured troops with ease. Especially when backed by the right spells units of these guys make the perfect bunker unit to hide fragile wizards (Like Heirophants for example).

Necropolis Knights
The Knights are comparable to slightly upgraded Tomb Guard (They get an extra attack) riding dirty great stone serpents (which do most of the work). Being animated constructs and having a good armour save they are quite hard. With killing blow and poisoned attacks between rider and mount they can fight their way through most units in the game whilst suffering little damage in turn.

Tomb Scorpion
Another Animated Construct. These cheap scorpions are useful for getting rid of enemy war machines. They deploy in a special manner that lets them pop up right next to their quarry (cue evil laugh at this point). Having a plethora of special rules allows these monsters to kill of their quarry pretty quickly. After dealing with war machines these guys are in a great position to rear charge enemy units to help break the combats you might have trouble dealing with at the moment.

Weird stone statues in the shape of idols to the gods of Nehekhara they are best comparable to the equivalent of Ogres by having a decent statline and being relatively cheap in points to field in large units to form a solid central battleline unit perfect to use as a hammer blow.

Tomb Swarms
Little critters that seem to get in everyone's teeth. Tomb Swarms are a great unit to consider if you want to run a defensive army. Another unit that deploys in a special manner like the Tomb Scorpion. Tomb Swarms are fab for raising a hard roadblock in front of the squishy battleline. Being swarms they get plenty of wounds per base and so stick around for a while. They also get poisoned attacks so they are quite good to set upon monsters that you feel may threaten your army such as Giants, Treemen, Dragons etc.

These are big birds. Big birds who actually have a decent statline as well as deploying in a skirmisher formation as well as being fliers to help them get where they are needed. These excell as being annoying pests by being in place to launch flank charges or destroy war machines that are stopping your advance. Being realtively cheap they can be fielded in large units (although you are not likely to need more than 6 in a unit).

Khemrian Warsphinx
One of the biggest critters in the book. These giant leonine statues are solid rocks in the army. Boasting a very impressive toughness of 8 they can shrug off a lot of attacks that would breach the armour of lesser creatures. But they are certainly capable of bringing the pain themselves. Able to not only absorb damage easlily they can also run through units and even jump up and down on them until nothing is left (quite literally. They have a special rule to allow them to do this!).

Sepulchral Stalkers
Another of my favourite units. These snake like creatures are very useful in my army as rapid strike units. However these guys are best suited not actually in combat. They get a special shooting attack that allows them to turn enemy models into sand! However exposed frying of enemies can sometimes turn these guys into sand themselves. To help avoid being charges they get a special rule that allows them to pop up out of the ground. Preferably behind the unit you intend to blast off the table.

Necrolith Colossus
The first of 2 creatures that are the Tomb Kings answer to the Giant used by lesser races. The Colossus is a very powerful battering ram! With a very impressive statline with plenty of attacks with special rules allowing them to make MORE attacks in combat this unit can potentially rip apart entire units by themselves. However it is best is used among another unit to make any fight ridiculously one-sided!

The second Giant equivalent. However unlike the Colossus this has a very different role rather than head down and charge! This model is a source of bound spells and allow buffs to nearby wizards attempting to cast spells by providing a helping hand. It also has a relatively decent statline to help it survive.

My favourite model in the range. The Necrosphinx is a bizarre amalgamation of many Nehekharan deities and this produces a very individual model. Packing a statline very similar to the Warsphinx but comes with special rules such as fly to make it faster than normal and even a special combat move that allows it to slice off even the heads of the most powerful dragons and Bloodthirsters in once clean sweep! This guy is awesome and definitely one I include in every army list possible. Even if only for the lovely model.

Screaming Skull Catapult
The first of two war machines employed by the Tomb Kings. This is comaprable to the stone throwers used by other races except they hurl screaming flaming skulls at the enemy (probably fashioned in a Ghost Rider style way). With a decent strength for the shot and the ability to panic units caught in the blast these machines are useful in many ways. Although best employed to destroy those hordes of troops.

Casket of Souls
The second war machine. This machine has a different way of firing. first off it provides a magical buff by providing magic dice as well as providing a bound spell that not only is vicious against low LD armies such as Skaven and Orks and Goblins but can very easily spread across half an army with relative ease. Another unit that is employed in certain competitive armies for its cheap cost and usefulness to the army.

Thats all folks!!

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