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Both pricing and weapons for the Thousand Sons have been confirmed!

40K: Thousand Sons Pricing Confirmed - Bell of Lost Souls

Ahriman: $40/£25
Rubric Marines: $50/£30
Scarab Terminators: $60/£35
Exalted Sorcerers: $60/£35
Tzaangors: $40/£27.50
Magnus the Red: $130/£80
Warzone Fenris Part II - Wrath of Magnus: $75/£45

While as for weapons the Scarab Occult Terminators have access to both Heavy Warpflamers and Soulreaper Rotor Cannons, and the Rubric Marines can all be equipped with Inferno Boltguns or Warpflamers with a Soulreaper Cannon as a special weapon.

40K: Thousand Sons Weapons Unveiled - Bell of Lost Souls


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