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Originally Posted by Lord Mephiston View Post
Im finding Beheading to be much better written than the last couple of books.

RIP to you know who. You will be missed after being used as a pointless plot device.
Guy Haley is a far better writter than several of the other contributors to TBA.

Also, the Beheading is available for general purchase now:

Overall, I find the series to be a pretty good read with some rather compelling characters carrying the series. Wienand, Drakan Vangorich, Krule, Koorland and the cast of high lords. Yes, the series could have benefited from tighter editorial oversight with better planning. Like wtf, sending -3- assaults to Ullanor as probably the biggest sticking point?! Sure there was some miss and decidedly filler books with little to contribute. Echoes of the Long War and Watchers in Death being the most eregrious offenders. And the penultimate book Shadow of Ullanor for being horribly rushed. But I find the good books of the series is more than making up for the downers. In particular The Beast Must Die! and The Beheading stands out for me as topnotch lynchpin books carrying the series.

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