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Default Free people Piper rule

The following rule has led too some discussion in my club and in the end everybody has his own idea how it really has to be played:

"Models in this unit can be pipers. Once per turn, If an enemy unit ends its charge move within 3" of a unit that includes any Pipers, they can signal their unit to stand and shoot; each model can then shoot its Crossbow at the charging unit"

So the way I read this
Whenever an enemy unit ends its charge move within 3" of a piper , All units that include a piper get to shoot at the unit that ends its charge move within 3" of a unit with a piper.

The way some others read it:
Only units with a piper that have an enemy unit that ended its charge move within 3" can shoot at the charging unit.

The question really is about logic and the vague use of that they:
Does that "they" refer to "a unit that includes any pipers" => What I think
Or does it refer to the whole 3" ruling stuff to...
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