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This weekend was 'Walkers Weekend' so Ive been finishing off the contemptors ready to prime and started painting the imperial knight.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the contemptors - it really challenged me with the use of plasticard, modelling putties and scratchbuilding little bits to fit into the main model.
I used the main iron warriors forgeworld one and the BaC standard plastic one, but wanted to have a go at making my own arm weapons, which has been pretty successful (see the chainfist arm which is a scratchbuilt apart from the circular saw which I stole from Da Orks, and a butcher cannon which is a couple of stripped down heavy bolters and some IG autocannon drums with extended barrels). I did struggle finding a design for the front of the BaC contemptor that I actually liked; the plain front of the dread isnt really in keeping with the IW theme, so i used a face from the knight kit and plasticard to get my chevrons in there. Its been pretty successful and works pretty well for what I was hoping to achieve (see BaC legs and chest).

The knight is being painted in a few discrete parts: armour plating is separate, legs and body are separate (for storage more than anything). I'm a bit annoyed that I bought the wrong nuln oil; ended up with the gloss version (which has actually been of use on the face and ends of pistons) but really just need some standard matte version to be able to dull down all the silver.

I have changed my priming method from the basic black base coat I am used to applying to my templars and have switched to Halfords grey primer with army painter gun metal spray over the top. The halfords stuff is the absolute dogs nuts (but difficult to work out what has and hasnt been sprayed as the primer is almost the same shade of grey as the plastic), the army painter stuff is OK, but not great. It seems to dry with a glossy coating which takes a bit of work to dull down.

All in all, a successful weekend!
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