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Originally Posted by XeroNecross View Post
Personally I'd like to know this too. I do short story writing and I try to present what I have to Black Library in hopes they'll pick me up. Part of doing this is both because I love the fandom and I want to be as close to the lore as possible. I get that the WAAAGH! was a mix of any clans that joined him, but what of of Snagrod himself? Any lore that can point us in the right direction? I've looked in a lot of different places and found nothing so I am assuming they want us to just slap a random clan on him and feel its right...... Either way I suppose...

Well Snagrod's waagh included klans representing all the different ork factions. Now it doesn't say what faction Snagrod belonged too but my guess is he was most likely a Blood Axe because he used tactical savvy by utilising Imperial tactics. So I would go with Blood axe for him and his body gaurd.

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