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neferhet: they will definately have VotLW - I'm going for disgruntled iron warriors rather than chaos space marines. I like the idea of bolter/plasma squad.

Fallen: on what basis do you make that assessment? I've previously played with templars and had termies in land raiders to great effect, but they have been TH/SS geared and usually in a redeemer or crusader which are assault vehicles, so not exactly apples and apples comparison.

I might combine the two options and look at expanding the terminators to be in the SE and the marines in the LR with as much defensive fire as possible. My termies are kitted out with bolter/chain fist for anti tanks and the champ has lightning claws to pick up the challenges, they might do better assaulting from the SE.... Only problem is the LR taking up a heavy slot.

More thought needed....
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