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Originally Posted by Brother Dextus View Post
marks or anything silly like that.

It really depends on you want to play those marines. 20 bodies will clearly wreck faces in melee, especially if you give the champion a fist or something. i honestly would run them with ccw+pistols and 2 meltaguns, champ with fist and combimelta as an extra.

lots of points and pretty vulnerable to any real melee unit or large AP3 blasts, but extra useful to clear an objective or a fortification from enemy units. if you do this i also suggest VotLW.

The other option for me is 20 bolter marines (legion style) with 2 plasmaguns and combiplasma & meltabombs champion. They will cost a lot less than the previous unit and will just shoot, altough between overwatch fire and high number of models should be able to fight decently in defensive melees.
This unit can hurt something but will be seriously hampered by any cover save the enmy might have.

Again i'd go for the melee unit. You don't need chaff removal (40 bolter shots are just that, imo) with 3 vindicators in the list... while an assaulting unit can be useful to tie down some big nasty or counter an enemy assault, also supporting the terminator unit to win prolonged fights.

To lessen further the usefulness of my comment i'd note that, maybe, you could find not-so-useful the fact that you cannot shoot to the engaged unit, so maybe 20 shooters are better for your list.

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