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Default CSM Storm Eagle Occupants

I'm planning an Iron Warriors army with heavy armour and air superiority. Its for Chaos SM, but will not be running marks or anything silly like that.

So far the force consists of the following:
Termie Lord + Termies + Land Raider
Cheap cultist meatshields
20 marines
Fire Raptor
Storm Eagle
3 Vinidcators

Question is..... how would you kit out the marines?
I feel like they should be CCW/BP as the storm eagle is an assault vehicle, but then a mass of bolter marines (with BP as a ccw) could lay down some serious fire power, and there will be a squad of 20 assaulting anyway.... 20 attacks, +1 charge is already 40, so upping that to 60 seems excessive.

If i could get rid of the bolt pistols and replace with combat weapon that would be ideal, but the rules replace the bolter with ccw if taken.

Will not be magnetising them, but will be staying true to the IVth and using the new plastic 'Iron' armour mark to make them.

Any advice appreciated.

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