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Default Running Gretchin as primary TROOPS choice

This is a question ive been pondering for quite a while, my boys no longer seem to cut any mustard. The can't seem to kill anything but also cannot soak damage if the enemy even decides to shoot at them.

So i pose the question:

In 7th editon of this game Warhammer 40000, are gretchin the better choice as a primary troops choice?

The few things that have been bothering me as mentions as above is the old ork boys with the nerfing of "mob rule" in the current iteration of the codex and even then the current editon of 40k (7th edition), with the lack of need for troops claiming objectives is it even worth spending the points? Go minimum you can and at under 40 points for a squad, skip the boys, get some cheap grots and go straight for the toys.

Reducing the cost for troops there is certainly a lot of points that then can be used for the more damaging units, the burnas, the loota, the nobs and of course the big tough bosses.

So any thoughts?

Are troops at all really worth it in 7th? Unless they themselves are quite powerful and survivable?

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