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With a tiny window of opportunity, I feel like writing something, and perhaps rambling a little bit about some future plans and other stuff.

Having recently picked up a few hobby supplies, I had a chance to use some of this Tamiya Putty and I think itís worth a few words.

A classmate of mine was using some of this Tamiya Putty on a model a while back and recommend it. Iíve seen it in the past, but Iíve had a tube of green Squadron Putty for years so I hadnít given it a try. I was never completely happy with Squadron Putty when I used it, but when it comes to filling and smoothing really fine seams and cracks, a product like it really does the trick; where other products will struggle to hold tight in such as small area, modeling putty will do a better job. Thatís the theory, but with Squadron Putty Iíve found it to be too coarse and prone to chipping and flaking away sometimes. The way it underperformed kindaí soured me on products like this, truth be told.

So, recently I had to do a marathon model building session; taking a concept from a 3D model and making a 1/5 scale physical model of it in roughly 4 days. Very little sleep was had, to say the least, but I produced an excellent model and this wonderful product helped in its own way. With many layers coming together very quickly to build the required model, I used it quite a bit to clean up seams, layering, and other surface flaws that come with building something from scratch, and this stuff worked like a charm.

When cured it becomes very hard, resisting scratching and flaking, and with a nice satin almost plastic-like finish; I suspect itís resilient enough to be drilled and carved/shaped in some situations. The solvents in it work really well to mildly etch into most surfaces and gently fuse it with styrene plastics to bond very tightly. When itís sanded it will come off as a dry plaster-like powder, but any product remaining on the model will keep the tough plastic-like finish. Burnish it a little with a plastic bristle brush after youíve filed, sanded, and worked this product, and it will be primer ready. Scratches, seams, gaps, and all sorts of other flaws simply vanish.

After seeing it suggested, I had planned on tinning some of the Tamiya Putty down to use it as a form of surface glaze for particular situations where you want a very thin layer. Turns out that Tamiya noticed that modellers were doing this, and made it into a ready-to-use product, the pictured Surface Primer G. Having never made the stuff before I was happy to pick up a bottle and take the guesswork out of it. When I make better use of both of these on some hobby models Iíll take some pictures of the results and talk more about technique when using it. Put simply, if you scratch build and/or are particular about cleaning up seam lines on models, get some of this stuff!

Meet Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the seeds of inspiration for the first Dark Mechanicus constructs I want to create.

I personally still much prefer the traditional Dreadnaught model to the Helbrute that the unit has become. I had plans to pick up a FW Iron Warriors Dreadnaught and add it as a companion to this Black Legion one. With FW discontinuing the model before I could get one, well then, theyíve simply forced me to create my own alternative. In this case Iím aiming to find some middle ground between the new bio-mechanical ĎBrute and the old-school walking sarcophagus that is the Dreadnaught. I like the curved armour forms of the ĎBrute but I want it closer to the Legion Dread in execution and style.

So the Dreadnaught is going to tag along with the Decimator as itís completed, because itís been half-finished for far too long. To show that there really is paint involved, Iíve included a small progress shot; I was hoping to get a little more done on it before I was forced to stop, but you know how it is. *Shakes an angry fist at life*

Since I was considering the build of a smaller Dark Mechanicus construct and painting the Decimator, it got me thinking just how straight forward the Decimator is, in reality; itís just a large central tube/cylinder plastered with hoses and wires, with some armour plates wrapped around it all, really. Not that difficult a concept to adapt and refine, I should think. For me, as with the Dreadnaught, the Decimator is the look I prefer in a Daemon Engine construct; a mechanical brute monstrosity forcibly infused with a daemonic entity to give it purpose Ė not fed and/or grown in any way, but a coldly manufactured and assembled product. Well then, I might just have to explore something on a medium scale as well, yes? Ö Yes!

Do you hear that? Ö Yep, thatís the sound of another can-of-worms cracking open.

While Iíve picked up several models from GW/FW over the last few years, most are carefully planned to have a long road of service in my studio as Ďscaffoldsí for future kit designs, before theyíll become personal projects that I can actually finish. So, to celebrate my most recent complete revolution of our sun, I choose to pick up something that is purely a personal project that can proceed without delay, once the demands of college are finally done.

Meet TweedleDEAD! The Kytan Daemon Engine; a very suitable (starting) centerpiece model for the Dark Mechanicus element of my collection.

This is the first time Iíve received something from FW packaged like this. Usually the parts are simply in a bag surrounded by plastic packing pillows. Itís such a pleasant surprise to get the kit this way, it seemed worthy of note. When youíre purchasing a premium product like this itís nice when itís packed accordingly. After closer inspection I can say that this is what a FW model should be like; the quality and execution of the parts is very good; reasonable mould lines, very nice surface quality, no noticeable warping, and an acceptably low number of bubbles. Well done FW, I hope future kits will continue this trend.

A tiny bit of subtle layering noticeable in the toe of the Kytan hints at the 3D printed origins of the master model used for this kit.

Just look at those legs, and compare them to some of the new Mechanicus line and tell me they donít share a similar design esthetic; yep, this is going to work. Iím not really a fan of the FW Chaos Knight kit; too much teeth, horns, and splitting armour for my taste, and combined with such a clean base model, it just doesnít work for me. Naturally, I have my own plans to create some suitably ĎRenegade Knightí style kits in the future, but thatís another story for another day. So, for my money, as with earlier examples, I personally prefer the mostly mechanical esthetic that the Kytan has for a unique knight-scale Chaos Daemon Engine model.

One only need look to this kit to see that GW/FW are well aware of the state of 3D printing technology, and taking full advantage.

It was a very high quality 3D print used to create the master for this model, and the accuracy of the entire model is very tight because of it; the perfectly symmetrical and wonderfully smooth curved elements especially benefit from the process. Thereís a few tiny spots where the 3D print process of the original model can be seen, but they really are few in number and very subtle; very easy to ignore or to clean up at your discretion. The fit and finish are so nice itís almost begging to be put together right now. Soon, you wonderful psychopathic-daemon-infused-murder-bot, you! Soon!

As with the Decimator, Iím torn with what to do to personalize the Kytan; itís such a nice model in its own right thereís nothing wrong with it being built as-is (basically what I did with the Decimator), but in this case I think itís going to need something to make it more Dark Mechanicus. Removing and replacing all of the Khorne iconography will be the obvious place to start, but I have a few whispers from the warp in the back of my mind suggesting that I should remove the cannon from the left arm and mount it on/over/behind the shoulder. Then both arms can be armed with combat weapons of some sort, to emphasize the Kytanís combat proficiency; perhaps matching weapons or maybe purposely different for some variety; either could work really well. Considering how common of a design element it is on Mechanicus robots in both 30k and 40k, I think shoulder mounting the ballistic weapon would go a long way to tie it into the Dark Mechanicus theme Iíll be going for with this build.

SoooÖ I guess Iíve also got my (first) large scale Dark Mechanicus construct concept on the drawing board, as it were, to go along with the small and medium concept ideas that started me down this Dark path to begin with. You see how the worms start to get out, and everywhere, if I let the ideas have too much freedom? Buuut, the image is beginning to take form in my mind, I donít think I have any choice now, but to make it real.

Please, stand byÖ more to come. Soon'ish.

"The old galaxy is dying, and the new galaxy struggles to be born; now is the time of monsters."

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