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Default 1K Chaos SM List

Starting a Chaos Army and wondering how this list would fair

HQ Kharn 160
Troops: Maelstrom of Gore 420
Rhino transport 35
HS Land Raider 230
HS Havocs 155
-missile launcher
-missile launcher
-missile launcher
Flak missile
-missile launcher
Flak missile

Kharn and a group beserkers in the land raider followed by a group in a Rhino roll in. hopefully the land raider crew get the charge turn 1 with the extra charge distance granted for the maelstrom gore rules. (Beserkers get fleet plus 3' to their charge) another group of Beserkers protecting my Havocs in the back as deal with air and other armor. 4th group of beserkers looking for objectives and targets of opportunity. There's points not accounted for enough to get 11 chainaxes that I'd spread around the beserkers. Looking for constructive feedback on how competitive this would be.
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