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Well then, I take it you like it? Heh... yeah, the Shield Generator turned out even better then I was expecting, and it's been very well received. I was lurking a while back and found someone describing it as looking like a dooms-day device; I thought it was great and take that as high praise. Thanks as always for the feedback and input.

To answer, there are no heat problems with the pins or the lamp in general; I've been running my tower quite a bit (stress testing, really! ... *Eyes glaze over* Sooo pretty) and the base gets slightly warm where the PCB is with the hardware, but there's a lot of open space in the model so it doesn't build up at all. The globes themselves have no issues with getting hot at all, from what I can tell. When you've got several of them around it's hard not to play with them some when you first get them (and I test all of them before packing them) and there have been no heat issues at all. They run on 5-6v at ~0.5A to 2.0A (depending on the power source), so they're not exactly high wattage lamps.

I'm really glad people think this project turned out well. It's just driving home that I'm on the right track and I just need to keep it up. I'm virtually frothing at the mouth, waiting and working my way through my final year in college, until I can dive in to the studio full time, and take all of these proof-of-concept kits and ramp up everything to the next level. Everything starts Summer 2017! Sooo soon'ish...

Thanks again! More to come!

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