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I'm a miserable bastard, and as you may all have noticed, post the majority of my miserable whining in the rant section. Usually I post when drunk and then delete the comments when I sober.

So here is a positive thing. Rocking my university course, because I'm fucking awesome. I haven't gone into specifics before, but I am doing a Post Graduate in Education (specifically Art and Design). I'm going to be an art teacher.
Next week is my first placement. But I've been teaching (albeit English) for the past 7 years anyway, so I'm not freaking out like the other people on my course. The question now is whether I continue to grow my beard or shave it off and leave my Dali-esque moustache. I can get a good twirl on it.

Also, I have had a headache all day, but as soon as I started drinking vodka it went away.

It turns out that Chaos has their own band...
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