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i honestly don't know about the "no scatter" all around and the "assault after deepstrike" soulgrinders. What i can say is that, yes, daemons can summon the shit out of each other like there's no tomorrow and that they can truly become immortal with 2/3 ++ rerollable all around. At 2500 pts, daemons would annihilate you in normal games, let alone apocalypse. If you talked about toning down the cheese, well, you friend wasn't listening! XD
The dark tetrad (the unit of super daemon princes) can be crippling in such an enviroment.
i could add a thing though: you should have expected aggressive deepstriking and bubblewrapped your vehicles with 50+ guards. That's the only way you can withstand such melee power with IG. if you normally don't do that, reconsider. You have to bubblewrap, period. I learned this playing against 'Nids in apocalypse. Less powerful than daemons, but until I put 50-70 guards all around my tanks it was a massacre! Genestealers, living drop pods, spore mines...infantry need to die to gain 1 turn of retaliating fire from tanks. if you think 50 guards are few, go for 70-100conscripts.
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