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Originally Posted by Gret79 View Post
Hi Neferhet I'm impressed you're still a khorne beleiber :D

I've been using the BL relics for a while - there's nothing major combo related.
But I very much like the idea of a Raptor Lord with MOS and the quicksilver blade - init 7 on the charge from deepstrike.

Although having said that, the hand of night would a fun gamble against loyalists now. Raptor Lord - DS and charge, Hatred, Init 6 with MoS and a 1 punch death move... it'd be funny to watch someone momentarily shit themselves, but as soon as they remembered you can refuse a challenge it'd be pointless.
I also want to put the eye of night on a warpsmith, sat at the back of the table fixing defilers and forgefiends. I'm biased with the eye of night - I have literally never missed with it and it's always made its points back.
I also have a Night Lord Captain with a power fist and power sword - I can use the skull of kerngar to give him eternal warrior/adamantium will and give him two buffs from the boon table a turn.
I get to use one of my favourite models without having him squished straight away
Free VOTL will also get my points down and that should pay for the extra relics I think
Once a blieber, forever a belieber!

I can see the one punch man raptor lord becoming extra fun. either miss big or hit big!

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Originally Posted by Lux View Post
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