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Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
1) Overhaul of the Psychic phase, just feels too clumsy & slow at the moment.

2) reduce the game length - the game takes entirely too long to play.

3) Alternating player unit activations - either akin to Bolt Action, X-Wing (Just use unit Initiative value instead of Pilot skill), or Dystopian Wars.

4) Less random rolls for the sake of random rolls - a la Psychic table, Warlord Table, etc - this could be included in parts 1 & 2 technically...
Did you ever play Target Games' Warzone? That game had a really nice activation system.

And agreed less random garbage the better.

Originally Posted by R_Squared View Post
I hope that 8th edition drastically streamlines the game so that 1850 points can be played in under 2 hours.
The needless complexity adds nothing to the game and TBH it needs a reset akin to AoS to get me gaming again.

I would be enthused if they they took a fresh look at the whole system and came up with something that works in a similar vein to AoS. A ruleset that allows for multiple game play options that caters for causal, narrative and competitive gameplay
I think I disagree but I want clarification first. Where do you see the needless complexity coming from? I would contend the problem isn't complexity (I actually rather like that) but the ongoing imbalances and the fragmentation of the special rules through formations.

At the end of 6th I thought we were getting back more to a better place. But 40k in my opinion had been seriously watered down when they switched to 3rd Ed. I despise the AP system. Save modifiers are far superior. Every edition since 3rd has slowly gotten closer and closer to 2nd ed.

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