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Originally Posted by Matcap View Post
Great to see your work again! It has always inspired me and I love the terrain stuff as well. Doing something similar with my wall of martyr kits (the removal of the skulls and skeletons). So I'm eager to see your progress
The martyrs kit skeleton/corpses are a tad too "cadian" as well as a tad too under detailed for me which was the main reason to pile on some texture paint. I'm just glad it looks seamless Hopefully I'll have finished all the pieces above till the next update. Then I can move on to the buildings and then I'll be almost completely done with my terrain pieces for now!

Originally Posted by Moriouce View Post
Nice to see what you're doing with that Knight! The pose look stunning!
It was hard work but it was well worth it in the end, especially when I start building my second knight and already know what to do :D


While most of my hobby attention lately has been aimed towards terrain and other "bigger" features in my collection I have done some work on my actual miniatures as well. Although I must admit that I am confused (as usual) where I want to take each of my power armour projects (which vehicles and units to use for which legion for example) and it has hampered my progress somewhat. While I could scrap all my other projects and decide to work on only one legion each of my projects have a distinct feel to it's infantry which makes a transition kind of hard. I'm also very much against the thought of only painting turquoise metallic for what feels like the rest of my life. Admittedly it feels like economic suicide to include every vehicle and unit that draws my attention in each army. Bleh. Anyway, enough of those ramblings.

The Alpha Legion miniatures that I have completed I am very pleased with. I think I have found the look I was going for with this project. I like how they come together and how the spot colours I've chosen aren't taking anything away from the miniatures as a hole. I'm also pleased with my decision to go with black eye lenses which I wasn't sure would "work", I like the mute feeling it applies and that it doesn't draw all the attention to the helmets. The hazard striped cables on the backpack is just my way of adding a little color difference to the palette. I like it but it might not be to some peoples liking:

As it stands now I have about 50 powered armoured miniatures in mk VI armour in different stages of painting for this project. I also have about another 50 in different stages of being built. I need to procure some more weaponry and perhaps a few parts before I'm where I want to be. I also have 10 tartaros terminators dedicated to this project for now. Rumours about more being in the soon to come expansion on the Betrayal at Calth box could boost that number, which is also why I've but the terminators, yet again, on the back burner.

And while on the subject of not getting things done and leaving things in different stages of completion I finally did something with an Elysian equipment pack I bought AGES ago. I decided to turn them into objective markers, which was pretty easy but effective in my opinion:

I've also started to put some time into my Solar Auxilia project. Up till now I've mostly slowly been adding purchases to the project each time I've placed an order with FW. I still haven't decided on how I want to paint them (which scheme to make) but I'm still considering a yellow armour plate one with dark purple fatigues, because I'd like to see the contrast that would create. But at the same time that's a scheme I was planning for my Mechanicum contingency so it might be a tad much to have them all in a similar scheme. Another option would be a city camouflage scheme in different grey colours and then armour plates that pop - like red perhaps. Once again, it could work, but I'm somewhat iffy if it isn't to close to what I did with my brethren and perhaps what I will do with my White scars (ie white/gray with red).

Anyway, what I have done is add little heraldic shields to all the miniatures, as you can see in the picture. I was inspired by a fellow hobbyist on instagram and once I saw the idea I couldn't get it out of my mind - I think this minor alteration adds a lot to the Solar miniatures:

Till next time
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