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Originally Posted by Brother Emund View Post
honourableman2... The story certainly kept me going and I was not sure where or what was going on? A Robbery! I actually thought he was going to spray-paint the statue!!
Was it just a robbery, though? The main character was looking for a certain victim in particular, which now that you mention, could be because she was carrying Imperium currency(?). It just seemed like the main character wanted to create 'art' in a very twisted sense by killing someone vulnerable. But now I'm not sure.

M'T... I chose the Eldar story as the best of the two because it was very well written indeed. Not sure about the 'art' part of it but good nevertheless. I liked the story of marauders verses vampires because the subject is rare here. Again, not sure about the 'art' theme. Again, a rivetting read.
You went deeper into the theme in your stories than I did, I think. I attempted to emphasis art in Quiet Landfall by making the beginning scene (a debris shower from a space battle raining down on the planet) something of a perfect picture in the mind of the main character, Aethelon. This image from his childhood reminds him of one of his long lost friends, and so he seeks to create this picture over and over again across the wars he has fought.

As for Beyond the Glaring Eye, the picture of the vampires lounging by the lake was supposed to be focus for the 'art' theme, but I can get how people might not see it that way. I suppose I should have tried tying a stronger theme with the story.

Morthern Stroms, as you know, is the main character in my Epic yarn "The Hunted" (soon to be updated with a few more chapters). He was taught by the finest swordsmasters of antiquity. The moves I list in my story are all sword moves and I tried to let them flow like a story, or as Deaglan said.. a work of art. I did not have enough words so it was cut down a little!
Ah, I didn't catch that, I get it a lot more now! Out of curiosity, which weapon does that move set belong to?

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