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XV105 Tsunami Riptide

The XV105 Tsunami is a special variant of the more common XV104 Riptide Battlesuit. They are deployed as a ground-level aid to survey crews in orbit. The most notable features are the up-armored front intakes and the enhanced XV9-inspired chest armor, complete with visual readouts for the pilot, which are also based on the XV9 platform. Additionally, to aid with the mobility required for an exploratory suit, a secondary center jetpack is mounted on the back of the armor. It incorporates a larger intake to aid with cooling and is engraved with the text “Caution: Nova Reactor” on one side and “ATT” on the other. This is a display of homage from the Fio who designed the enhancements as a recognition of the orbital in which he learned his trade. Other enhancements include an extended heavy burst cannon and increased shin armor to help aid the pilot in any sticky situations encountered while surveying planets.

Though it is not specifically intended for high levels of combat, the XV105 Tsunami has proven to be the most durable XV10 platform yet and other cadres are quickly requesting that this variant be incorporated into their own forces. Aside from increased survivability, field testing on the consequences to performance based on these upgrades has proven inconclusive.

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