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Default Brief introduction

So... what do I write?
As is most likely apparent, I am an Ultramarines collector/player, which is made quite obvious by my choice of username (I was a bit surprised it wasn't taken already though), though I do have other collections as well. I started off playing Warhammer fantasy in 6th ed, then moved onto 40k, with the ultramarines, now I play 30k ultramarines. Please don't hate me for that... There is no real explanation as to why the ultrasmurfs are my army of choice, except perhaps, that they were the only chapter with an in-depth step-to-step painting guide in the back of the 2nd edition of how to paint citadel miniatures. Oh well, I liked them then, and I still like them now.
I am not a bad painter, (at least in my opinion, feel free to disagree), and do a fair bit of conversion on some of my miniatures, as you will probably see, once I gather together the effort to actually start posting regularly...
My first post will be on making a rhino from scratch (kinda).
Aaanyway... I guess... Hello everyone?

Roboute Guilliman (I really should have chosen another pseudonym now, come to think of it... Oh well.)
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