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Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
Welcome back brother, so many heretics returning to the fold, joyous times indeed
Joyous indeed! And thank you for welcoming me back, it feels good to be back and updating my progress, even if it, at times, is severely lacking in frequency!


Since I've been so distraught with my many projects lately I've been trying to focus on actually finishing bigger projects that require less accuracy with the paint brush and less experimentation with the process (ie - things I know how to do and in which order to do it). This led me to finishing up and continuing with my terrain project, some might therefore recognize the progress made with the quake craters, now completely done:

The process I use for these pieces is fairly simple. After the basecoat I paint all the details I want to differ from the pigment layers (ie things that aren't supposed to be reddish brown) in their selected colour scheme (mostly metals with multiple washes and/or dark grey with highlights and black wash) before I varnish it all and pile on the pigments before a final layer of varnish. It's quicker than anything else I have (and probably will) paint but it still takes me a tad to long for my own liking. But I'm starting to accept that actually finishing things is more important then worrying about making the process quicker - at least at this point. Every finished piece gives me motivation to do more, and the terrain pieces certainly proves the point that "painted is better".

On that subject I did also finish the ruined Aquila from the Honored Imperium set:

Next up in line in the many Terrain projects are the trench works from the Walls of Martyr sets. These pieces have been painted with a slightly different technique. For my many coming vehicles I'd like to delve more into oil paint effects which is why these are the perfect test subjects. Using a very light gray/warm white tone I can experiment with dirt effects and pooling so I'm more sure on my approach as I advance to more detailed miniatures. The white is an airbrushed layering of dark grey to white chipped with a dark grey mix later covered with brown and red oil washes and then highlighted with white oil paint. Things left to do is to block in the earth with a base coat of reddish brown and then pile on the pigments:

That was all for this time. Hope you enjoyed this odd update for me. In coming updates there will be some actual miniatures in them (quite possibly even space marines!).

Till next time!

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