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Default WTS Pro painted SM ary (DA, SW)

Pro studio painted Space Marines + Dark Angels + Space Wolves army for sale.
750 for whole lot
300 SM part
300 DA part
300 SW part

No trades, no spiltting into smaller parts than written above.

This army won many tournaments and painting competitions.
Space Marine detachment contains 4 squads of 5 bikers. In each squad there is a sergant with meltabomb and combi-grav gun and 2 bikers with grav guns. Grav guns and meltabombs are magnetized.

There are also 2 beautifully converted models of Grand masters on bikes. They both have storm schields. One is carrying a Power Fist, and a second have a Thunderhammer.

Army also includes a Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship, with is also magnetized, for easier caring and storage.

Dark Angels detachment contains 2 Darkshrouds models, Samael Grand Master of the Ravenwing, 5 Black Knights including Ravenwing Apothecary witch Ravenwing Grenade Launcher. There are also 2 Librarians on bikes, one of them is a beautifull conversion, and 5 scouts models with sniper rifles.

Space Wolfs detachment is a perfect Champions of Fenris detachment, and contains 2 servitors, 8 Fenrisian Wolfs, 2 for every Wolf Lord. And of course 4 great conversions of Wolf Lords on Thunderwolfs, In form of a Great Werewolfs in Power Armours, each one with a Storm Shield and Power Fist. There ara also 5 Space Wolves Grey Hunters, one with magnetized weapons(Bolter, Flamer,Plasma gun) and 3 Space Wolves Rune Priest

All models are beautifully painted by professional studio , and will be send in a Safe&Sound Box, which will be put into another box for a safe trip to a new owner.

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