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Originally Posted by Ruka View Post
So im pretty new to Orks and I have a few questions as I want to run a specific list:
1) If I am using the IA:8 Dreadmob army list. Can I take wargear from Codex Orks and Waaaggh Ghazkull? Specifically Da Finkin Kap and MFF
No you can only use the Forgeworld codex and the ork codex together. You won't be able to use the Ghazkull stuff.
2) Meka Dreads use their Warlord trait to join a squad of Deff Dreads, if I run 2 Meka Dreads can both join squads or not?
No, you can only have one warlord in the forgeworld dread mob because once you have the other HQ choice you lose the warlord trait to join the dread squad.
3) For Buzzgobs Kustom Stompa. Which ruleset should I use?
The most current rules are always the ones to use.
4) Can I use the Great Waaagh or Green tide FoC with the Dreadmob army?
If you have enough points to run two formations together than you can but you are going to have two week portions of an army. It is usually best to choose one and use that army.
Many Thanks.
I run the forgeworld dreadmob often so it is a fun army to run.

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