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The necrons had a very vague history, they had never spoken to anyone and their intentions(apart from killing everything) were inscrutable, not anymore. I liked that they were an implacable army of unknown origin or intentions. If you want to understand my take on necrons, read one of the Caiphas Cain novels by sandy Mitchell. Sorry I cannot remember which one. When Cain comes up against necrons it is Bowel Loosening Terror for the win.

As for the orks, it is a while ago for me, but I certainly remember they weren't a fungus. New orks budded off the old orks, or were born some way, but orks sprouting up out of the ground from spores was certainly not it. As for their tech, it is simple when it needs to be, complex when it needs to be, but always functional and always cool. They might talk and act in a amusing way, but not when they are trying to hack your arm off with a power claw, just ask Yarrick about that one.

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