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Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
I vaguely remember the introduction of the necrons when it happened, and also remember it being a good thing. Only thing I dislike about the necrons was the massive fluff change when they became much less mysterious a few years ago.
me too.
the background story is ok tho why not...

what in particular do you not like about it?

Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
As for the orks, as one of the original original races of 40k I still love them, however the big fluff change to make them reproduce by spores and that kind of thing still irritates me, I prefer the old fluff from Waauuugh the Orks and Ere We Go.
you made me read (again?)
the warhammer 40k wikia entry for orks.
how did the ere we go stuff differ?
i think that i had a copy of that book,
a long time ago,
and have forgotten everything in it if i ever read it at all.

Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
As for genestealer cults, they are a faction that cries out to be created by conversions, not as a full army, of course that is not how GW operates any more.
agree completely.
just allow it on the table, as it represents part of the universe.
the toruble in my mind is that
people seem unable to make judgments of fairness and consistency.
"spamming" wave serpents makes for a boring collection.
abusing broken shield rules to turn a transport into a main battle tank is being an idiot.
the role play and simulation integration that originally was the draw to 40k,
seems to be lost on people these days.
everyone is basically playing a 3d collectible card game.
this was unheard of in the 80s and 90s, really.
then, magic was basically for kids...
now those kids went to college and bought 40k models.
i would be a neckbeard if i stopped shaving.

Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
The main factions I would like to see go is the huge plethora of redundant space marine armies. To my mind they should almost all be condensed into a single book with plenty of options, rather than so many distinct armies for which the basis is the same.
this is absolutely correct.

i would like to see a return to
paying for what you put on the table.
for example
to have a psychic power you simply had to PAY for the power,
on the model of a wizardry discipline.
i modeled characters to represent the power attached to that character.
that model always played that way, cost that much...
less random super power dice pool sub-game ridiculousness.
on this model, the game is more easily "balanced"
grav weapons should cost more, discouraging their overuse.
likewise, army composition can be moderated by similar guidelines.
consider the following:
gw can run an ongoing narrative and resource report on the Internet through their homepage,
which reads like a newspaper and plays a bit like a newscast (think click this link form the starship troopers movie here).
on this site are resource reports due to battles around the world
(uploaded to gw through army list upload in a standard format via worldwide android app or Inet entry).
simple stat analysis of list and result data should deliver simple corrective coefficient that moderates points values that must be paid for that period (quarterly, maybe?)
so, spamming wave serpents results in them bring overused, on all fronts of conflict involving Eldar everywhere,
so Eldar everywhere must use more resources to keep the wave serpents flying,
more manufacturing and repair personnel, and so on...
which means increase points cost.
this adds a bit of economics to the game system,
makes it "live" and still allows gw control over which models and backstock get sold, to who and when... they seem to like that.

anyways, when gw management finally gets around to sending me an email,
i will be happy to work this out with/for them.
regardless, in my mind, this or something like it is going to happen.
i bet that people will love such a platform.
and it can fix the game after a-hat mbas wrecked it...
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