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I vaguely remember the introduction of the necrons when it happened, and also remember it being a good thing. Only thing I dislike about the necrons was the massive fluff change when they became much less mysterious a few years ago. As for the orks, as one of the original original races of 40k I still love them, however the big fluff change to make them reproduce by spores and that kind of thing still irritates me, I prefer the old fluff from Waauuugh the Orks and Ere We Go. And I know this will irk some people, but I liked the squats. I still have an original Squat mole mortar I have to assemble and paint. As for genestealer cults, they are a faction that cries out to be created by conversions, not as a full army, of course that is not how GW operates any more. I originally played the space marine epic scale game in the late 80's but saw the 40k development alongside it. The main factions I would like to see go is the huge plethora of redundant space marine armies. To my mind they should almost all be condensed into a single book with plenty of options, rather than so many distinct armies for which the basis is the same. Thing is my mates and I still play whatever edition we feel like, usually 5th or 6th and we generally play for fluff, and I am a chaos man always have been and always will be.

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