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Default Looking for a specific book (battlebarge crashing on planet)

Greetings! I have read a lot of Horus Heresy books and have always been a fan of the scale of battlefields and the depths of betrayals in the story's.

Having recently watched the
Tube video, i remember that there once was this battlefield featured in a Horus Heresy book that similarly involved a huge ship (possibly a battlebarge) crashing in the background on a battlefield.

I am not talking about the Blood Angels battlebarge (crash)landing.

I would love to read the story again but i honestly dont know where to begin to search. (it might be one of the Isstvan battles but there is a small chance that it might even be in the Ultramarines omnibus or Dawn of War books or even a tyranid story)

Do you know what book im talking about?
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