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I have walked on dirty roads for far too long. My mind boggled and drenched in the pulverized dust of a crushed psyche dead since ages long ago. It’s a wonder that life continues to exist. It’s a wonder that I keep coming back to this place. As if, even though I have tried to leave, there is something pulling me in. Within the darkest corners of a dreadful mind, cogs keep turning and ideas will themselves to life.


I’ve had this Knight Titan in my possession since they were released, pretty much. But it got lost somewhere in the endless pile of things to finish (read: start), as most things do for years in my hobby space. Somehow it was brought back into the light when I expanded my tool box with piles upon piles of plasticard rods and strips and such along with a jeweller’s saw with one of those little mitre boxes that made cutting angles MUCH easier. This proved to make many pieces of the conversion much simpler.

As many other times before I tend to approach builds of poseable miniatures placed on bases by figuring out what I want it to interact with. Mostly this means that I build the base up first, with only an idea of what the model on top of the base will look like. Then I adjust the miniature to fit the base – if that isn’t achievable I then adjust the base until it is. This kind of back and forth gives the miniature more realism in my view but probably isn’t for everyone since it tends to get somewhat time consuming.

The thing that annoyed me with the Knight miniature is that the entire miniature is poseable apart from the legs... I realise why this is so (because of all the support struts and cables and so on) but that doesn’t mean I like it. So I decided to make a conversion with the aim to break up the mono-pose. This was the first real obstacle to tackle with this particular build. This is also something I will have to repeat if I ever decide to get another plastic Knight (which is an overwhelming possibility since I recently got a “Renegade”-boxed set to share with a friend).

While the process is pretty straight forward it’s still time consuming. Cutting the legs into a multitude of pieces, adding plasticard spacers, rebuilding detail, dremeling out space for some beads to act as ankle joints and then adding tubes and rods to finish the leg build. Now I’m just deciding if I need to change the position of the “big rivet” in the hip joing or not, I will probably do it on the miniatures left leg but not the right one. At least the Knight is now steadily built enough and remains upright meaning it can be shown.

So far I’ve reposed the legs at the hip joints, the knee joints and the ankle joints. I’ve remade pretty much all the support struts for the legs (down by the ankle joint), either cutting the plastic to fit or replacing the struts with plasticard rod pieces. I’ve also replaced most of the piping and hoses with either brass twine or green stuff tubes produced with a “tube-maker”.

I’ve also magnetized the arms at the weapon to shoulder joint so I can equip this Knight pretty much any way I want with the main weaponry (gatling cannon, battlecannon, chainsword, thunderstrike gauntlet and so on).

There are still a lot of things to add and convert – mostly since the aim is to turn this beast into a more defined Mechanicum war machine. The theme will, as one might guess, revolve around cogs to begin with, which will be visible on trims and such that I will add. A process I have already begun by adding plasticard to the carapace. I have some ideas for the helmet/head which are cyclopean in nature, and I want to give a go at converting it before resorting to buying the new ones (soon to come) from Forgeworld.

This is far from the only thing I have to show from the last couple of months. But I must warn you that actually finished pieces/miniatures are still few and far between but there will be things to see in the coming weeks – hopefully months.

Till next time!

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