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More than 2 years since my last post. However I am getting back on with it. I have, in the last three days, assembled the basics of my final dreamforge leviathan mortis that has been in the box for two years and am now at the point where the conversion and modification can begin. I plan to make this one a bit more demonically possessed and mutated. Particularly I am to add some flesh to the midriff area and bring the skull head to life with demon horns and some mean looking teeth. There will be flesh added to the leg pistons and toes. I am also going to remodel the original scythe arm into a flesh limb. Should have some pics up tomorrow. There is also an old school havoc, some bikers and a few other odd models ready for paint too. Add to that 3 additional weapon arms for the Mortis and the other leviathans (they are all swappable) I will need to check the warhound weapon types to confirm what they are, but they would be the equivalent of the turbolaser, melta cannon and maybe the volcano cannon and a large siege cannon. Not sure what to use that as but it looks way cool.

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