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Default Fell off the radar, good to be back!

Greetings everyone!

I think my last post was about 6-7 years ago, and i was in the process of creating (converting, assembling, painting) my own DIY chapter of the Blood Angels, called "The Lost Ones". Unfortunately i never finished it, and i only got to create a few models, before i stopped.. I believe it was because i was moving and i never really got settled back into the hobby after that. If you are interested you can see my previous topics through my profile, and see what i did back then, i even wrote fluff for the company i had created

I hope to be back again, as i still have all of the figures, and some are base coated ready to be painted and everything.

Anyways, its good to be back and posting, hope to share everything with you guys in the future :D
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