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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
. I think gw could have come up with better new factions than (ancient) Egyptianate terminators and "anime."
You give them too much credit for originality. It was just a robot version of GW's fantasy Khemri/Vampire Counts. I'm half surprised they didn't make a robot Nagash.

I guess they also have to look at marketability. If they make something too off the wall, will anyone even buy it?
Hell, if they made an army of shoggoths, it sounds awesome in theory, but I don't know how well such a thing would sell. If nobody buys the army, is there any point in making it?
People are going to buy Gundams and people are going to by Terminator Skeletons. Actually, based on this, I suspect the next army will be a Pony Unicorn army.

It turns out that Chaos has their own band...

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