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Daemons of Chaos
Written by MaidenManiac

The hordes of Daemons first started pouring into the Old World when the Old Ones polar gates collapsed for unknown reasons. This marked the disappearance of the Old Ones and the coming of the Daemons, the Daemons pouring into the world to wage a terribly costly war on(mostly) the Lizardmen whom at the time ruled the world, and had been the Old Ones subordinates. This war was at first not very effective but as time passed on the Daemons gained more and more ground. It was at this time that the wind of magic got corrupted by the forces of chaos, and the war turned more and more to the Daemons favour. Countless of Slanns became victims of the new wild magic that from that time on have been the winds of magic. After a cunning magical teleport of scores of Flesh hounds by Kairos Fateweaver at the siege of Xahutec the first of the temple cities fell to the Daemons, and many more came to share that fate in a war that lasted centuries. In the end the Daemons had broken the once proud Lizardmen empire into fragments of its former glory.
The Dwarves got assailed in their mountain homes by untold numbers of Daemonic forces. Dwarves however were not, as they've never been, depending on the now wild magic of the old world to wage war, as they bind their magic in powerful runes of protection and destruction. This meant that dwarves fought Daemons more on equal terms, but the relentlessness of the Daemonic forces took its toll on the stubborn Dwarves. Slowly, one by one, their fortress homes fell to the Daemonic onslaught, lost to history. As the Daemons marched upon Karaz-a-Karak, the everpeak, they however met no resistance. The outer gates were undefended, taking this as a sign that the enemy had broken the Daemons swept into the caverns surrounding Everpeak. This was when the Dwarves played out their final card. They collapsed the mountains on the Daemonic horde, destroying it utterly, and then stayed safe behind the walls of Karaz-a-Karak for many years until the world outside were safe again.
The High Elves on Ulthuan suffered the same fate and fought a desperate battle to survive against the Daemonic hordes. The Elves came, after decades of long and bloody fights up with a plan to stop the Daemons. Their greatest mage Caledor ventured to the Isle of the Dead to cast a ritual to revert the flow of magic from the polar gates. During the desperate fight to keep the ritual safe the greatest High Elf hero ever, the first Phoenix king Aenarion was slain, and Caledor and the mages assisting him in his great ritual was forever trapped inside it. Their sacrifice halted the Daemonic tide thou, and saved the Old World from disaster.
Ever since has Daemons invaded the world when the power of Chaos waxed in the Old World, and at some point to come it will mark the final doom of the Old World.

Daemons of Chaos are more or less a metal model army. With the release of the Doc list there came out the first two plastic sets of daemons GW's ever produced. Bloodletters and Daemonettes, and rumours are that when the second line of Daemons gets their release there will be Plaguebearers and Horrors too. A plastic Daemon Prince is also on the way and most likely new Seekers of Slaanesh, but that's most likely where the plastic part of the army stops. All units in the army are from either 6th ed or 7th, some units got redone for the new release of the Doc list but far from all. The models are however all of them up to standard and will fit nicely into armies.
However, Daemons are missing quite a few models for units at the moment. Daemonic chariots has never been produced by GW, seekers are withdrawn(most likely to be re-released to fit with 7th ed Daemonettes) and with the exception of Special Characters there are no Herald models at all. What of this that will be included in the forthcoming 2nd wave of DoC releases remains to be seen.

Daemons offer a lot more options to the game then one might think. The four Gods and their units available are very different from each other. While on the subject: 40k players should beware, the stat differences for Daemons in 40k and WHFB are huge, after seeing the differences you will most likely want to swap stats on everything from that time on...
Daemons of Chaos are a very customizable list that can change looks vastly from game to game. The army is very reliable, all units have magical attacks, have invulnerable saves, are Immune to Psychology, cause fear and Daemons don't run from combats like normal mortal units do – instead they suffer more wounds the more they failed their instability test. This gives you a tactically better overview on the game then you have with an army that can set of packing from a few bad dice rolls. The only real side of the game that Daemons of Chaos cant play is the shooty one. Barring Flamers and a Daemonic Gift the list lack shooting capabilities. Magic can make up for some of it, but not all.
Unlike mortals(WoC), beasts(BoC) or certain 40 Daemon/CSMlists playing mono god lists with Daemons will not work very well. It will work ofcrourse, but you will seriously gimp yourself by sticking to one God only. Daemons are meant to support each other. Whilst Furies are available to all Gods you will find yourself lacking in some area if you do this. All gods and their units have their own strengths and weaknesses. Be it combat, magic, resilience or speed you can always count on that another Gods minions have the solution for you.

Lords and Heroes
Bloodthirsters are the lest subtle of the four Greater Daemons there are to pick from, their only purpose is close combat at which they really excel.
Keepers of Secrets are lightning quick monsters whom can goad enemies to attack them, be feared magicians, or even regain wounds by swallowing enemy spirits as they kill models in combat.
Great Unclean Ones are tough as nails, and can as their Slaaneshi counterpart become feared magicians. Wile not as ”killy” on first glance as the other 3 they can become an everlasting monster with regeneration and their starting 10 wounds.
Lords of Change are a bit more subtle, excellent magicians that weave multicoloured blasts of daemonfire upon enemies, many times behind them thanks to their feathery wings.
Daemon Princes are the 5th lords available to the army. Albeit not as powerful as a Greater Daemon they are non the less fierce fighters capable of causing havoc in the opponents lines. Daemon Princes greatest strength are however their much cheaper price then their bigger counterparts.

Heralds also differ depending on which god one bought them for. Daemonic Heralds are the only models that can ride in Daemonic chariots, that will however remove one of their biggest uses. A Herald that joins certain units of its own gods units will bestow some improvement on the unit like regeneration, hatred or so on.
Tzeentchian heralds are always lvl 2 wizards while Slaaneshi ones and Nurgle ones can be upgraded to lvl 1s.
If you consider including a Battle Standard bearer this will be a Herald of one chosen god, which gives you access to more expensive banners and also make your daemonic instability tests more reliable.

Core units
In WHFB you have 5 different core units to build the base of your army around.
Bloodletters are as fast as elves, have high S and WS and the killing blow special rule making them very handy for killing hard armoured troops like cavalry and such.
Daemonettes are competing about being the fastest man-sized infantry in the game, sport high WS but rely on their many armour piercing attacks instead when fighting armoured targets.
Plaguebearers are slower then the two mentioned above but have a huge staying power thanks to higher T, they also have poisoned attacks which gives them the possibility of wounding nearly anything in the game.
Horrors are magic using units. The bigger the unit is the higher magic level it has and it casts spells like a normal Tzeentchian wizard. Combat wise they equal normal empire troopers.
Furies are the 5th available core unit, however they do not count towards the minimum required to take to fill your core slots. Furies are cheap flyers that are excellent warmachine hunters, however if they lose out they diminish extremely fast due to their abysmally low LD.

Special units
Flesh Hounds are(compared to 40k) really dangerous. Fast with high WS, S, and extreme magical resistance they are rightfully feared.
Seekers of Slaanesh are the fastest Fast Cavalry in the game. They rely, just like their footslogging kin on their many high WS armour piercing attacks to kill the opponents.
Nurglings(Yes! Bet you didn't see that one coming ) are the special unit of Grandfather Nurgle. They, like their troop kindreds, sport poisoned attacks, are skirmishers and also scouts which lets them deploy further onto the field of battle.
Screamers are they sky sharks of Tzeentch fly over enemies, flailing with their tails and thereby causing hits on units they fly over if they don't charge things.

Rare units
Bloodcrushers are Khornes shock cavalry Fast like normal heavy cavalry these units are much harder then their foot walking kindreds of the Khornate ranks. Many high WS, S killing blow attacks each makes them deadly to all opponents.
Fiends of Slaanesh are, just like seekers, insanely fast units that excels on hunting down enemy units from combats thanks to their abilities of rolling 1 more die and discarding the lowest one.
Beasts of Nurgle are hard as (s)nails with high T and regeneration. Their random attacks can be a big blessing thanks to their poisoned attacks rule, and they ignore the negative effects of being charged in their flanks or rear.
Flamers of Tzeentch are pyrocasters. Fast like Daemonettes these Tzeentchian Daemons hurls multiple blasts of multicoloured daemonfire on their targets, and should the enemy make it into combat with them they will not prove as weak as they might seem.

Money saving
Eerm, no not really. There are 2 plastic regiments to pick from, they will be a few more when the 2nd wave of Daemons gets released but up till then the only real way of saving money is 2nd hand buying. Except for those 2(atm) plastic units you are looking at an army in metal. Almost no unit really look like another either so its hard to convert your own models to make up for the current lack of plastics. The army is also missing quite a few options available to the list as models which will force conversions if you want to be able to field everything. The good side of that is that all models are metal so stripping them of paint is really easy.

Daemons are a psychologically stable army of elitesque units that can be made to fit more game styles then it appears like at first glance. Magic(mainly Tzeentch) and combat(Khorne and Slaanesh) are areas that the army easily can be made to excel at, and give the hardest opponents on those fields a tough match. Its also an army that will require assembling of lots and lots of metal models and crave conversions to fill up ”blank spots” in the model range meaning that it will be a big challenge for inexperienced modellers and a big strain for the wallets.
In terms of competition Daemons are currently whined upon by many a players as being ”too good” . The army is versatile and can be made to stand chances versus any lists and thanks to its stable nature its a really competitive army.

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