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Default + Truescale the Horus Heresy + [16/4/17 - IW Veteran]

A bunch of us have got heavily into 30k ever since Calth came out. We were all hobbyists before, mostly 40k/WFB, but branching out into Flames of War and Bolt Action. Calth has absolutely taken over our entire hobby lives. 30k or death! So we'll be posting about that mainly!

My old 40k marines were all upscaled a bit (using a modified version of Veteran Sergeant's technique that I saw on HeresyOnline way back), so I definitely wanted to carry that on to 30k. I refined my version a bit, made them a bit chunkier, and convinced some (not all) of the lads to go in the same direction....

in no particular order we have...

MyIron Warriors

I'm not the best painter of the bunch, but given the volume I've put out (I've got around 3.5k painted since Calth) I'm very happy with them.
I've gone for a fluffy, infantry heavy army, though having just read The Ironfire ROW, I'm going to be adding some artillery soon.

T's Imperial Fists

This photo doesn't really do them justice. Ty is a slow, but excellent painter. These guys are currently WIP, and the bases have come on a bit since this was taken. We decided to unify the basing scheme, to tie all the forces together. He's currently working on 10 terminators.

X's Word Bearers

Xander has an eye for detail. These guys are stunning. He's going for a fluffy, deep-into-heresy look for his lads. His Ashen Circle are something to behold!

L's Alpha Legion

Luke hasn't scaled his guys up, and I think it really works with his AL, the sneaky bastards that they are. His blended armour is really lovely. I'll try to get him to upload some close ups.

R's Salamanders

Rob used to be a terrible painter. I don't know what happened. Maybe he drank some radioactive paint? He's the master of the airbrush, and the painter that I'm in business with. He's also our resident power gamer, and his zooming Storm Eagle precipitated the purchase of many fliers and Deredeos...

Q's Night Lords

For what he lacks in volume, he makes up for in quality. Fighting in the kitchen of our war-torn utopian Palace/Cathedral, his Night Lords are, to a man, stunningly painted. His next project is a trio of contemptors and a spartan, all suitably covered in skulls and chains.

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