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Default Back to work

Dominous sat watching as they the off-worlders spoke with the Space Marine, however it seemed they had come to some sort of agreement as the power armored death-wielder stormed off and back into the bunker to do who knows what, but he was sure it was important and that not he nor his fellows humans would understand.

He then say one of the other PDF troops walk up to the off-worlders, trying to make nice it seemed as the started up some Iho sticks. Nasty habit in Krassus's eyes, but with such a low life expectancy in the business it couldn't hurt, after all if he had a flask he knew he wouldn't voluntarily be sober right now.

He hoped they would make up their minds soon, they needed supplies, and transport unless they planned to stay in a broken outpost with no chain of command. However it didn't seem he would have to wait long as the PDF who spoke with the off-worlders walked towards them. Krassus didn't really know his name either, but it didn't matter at the moment as the Trooper spoke up.

“According to the Angel and the two off-worlders, we need to burn the bodies and to do that we need to go get the promethium left in the wrecks of the cargo-haulers. Dom, Liam and Hal. You, me and Tobias are going on that particular field trip. The rest of you should probably report to the other off-worlder, Elias. He seems to know what he’s doing and probably out-ranks you anyhow. If you don’t like the idea of that, my suggestion would be to take it up with the Angel of Death. From what I hear, he’s very open to suggestions…”

Dom nodded,"About time, need to get some more ammo, hopefully anything else useful from them."

Dom went to stand up when the strangest thing happened next, another trooper from basic training came up and started barking orders, like the rest he had no name to put to him but he could tell him from the rest cause it seemed his head was planted firmly in his own rear.

"Trooper Grainer. Thank you for your report. I will take things from here though." He spoke, with what Dom assumed was his attempt at sounding important, though it was hard to understand him while he was muffled by his own ass. "Troopers Krassus, Grainer and Varks. Assist with the disposal of the bodies. Troopers Caul and Thede. Start searching for anything we can use to repair the gates. Dismissed."

Dom just raised an eyebrow on his scarred face as this would-be officer walked off to try and boss around the off-worlders it seemed.

The trooper, whom he knew as Grainer now, raised a brow as well. "What they hell just happened?"

Dom looked at him and then around at everyone else. "That right there is a case of pompous dimwit who is about to get himself shot." Dom almost mustered a chuckle but didn't.

"Well guess we should get to doing what the Off-worlders want, at least they understand what we are fighting."

Krassus picked up his Heavy stubber and headed over to the gate to wait for the rest of the group that was going to scavenge the haulers, maybe one of the haulers would be in good enough shape that Dom could get it running, that would certainly help.

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