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1st, Brother Edmund, Death From Below, 3pts
2nd, Honorableman, Insubordination, 2pts
3rd, Dsol, Undermind, 1pts

Brother Edmund: Very good take on the theme for the month. You got your theme across without having anyone fire a shot! I love the concept of Imperial Troops being defeated on a hostile world, by the hostile world. We didn't get a too detailed glimpse of the Space Marine in the story, but I think his solemn "We can't help you," attitude was great.

Honorableman: A solid take on the theme, undermine through betrayal. I think there was a lot going on towards the end, I was kind of confused who was betraying who, at first. But I think a second read through clarified what was going on. I like that the Magos was the traitor. A mechanicus agent is so alien compared to everyone else, I think it's more difficult to catch a traitor like that, at least from a normal human's perspective.

Dsol: A classic take on the theme. Did not expect Drayus' brother to be the one pulling the strings. I think the ending was slightly predictable, but it was still executed well. There's nothing more Imperial than taking your enemy with you in death. As I mentioned before, a classic take on the theme. Good job.

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