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Everything was quiet. Was he dead? That seemed the most likely explanation. He didn't remember dying though. That was a blessing. It must have been quick and painless. As he laid face down in the dirt, he summoned up the courage to open his tightly scrunched up eyes. A part of him fully expected to find himself knelt at the feet of the Immortal God-Emperor himself. But there was no gleaming figure, no angels, only the ground he had thrown himself upon and the stench of blood and sweat.

He was alive.

Invigorated by this fact Jakon leapt to his feet and quickly dusted himself off. It simply would not do to be seen dirty and dishevelled. He took in the scene around him. The body of the Ork that had pursued him to vehemently lay nearby, its face a las burned mess. Jakon looked down his nose at the xenos beast, puffed out his chest and righteously spat on the dead Orks corpse.

A little further away the Space Marine was walking away from two more soldiers in unfamiliar garb, off-worlders, and heading into the main building. Jakon couldn't quite believe that he was in such close proximity to a being he had all but dismissed as myth and legend. Another of the PDF, Trooper Grainer approached the off-worlders. Jakon couldn't hear what they were saying and didn't like the idea of being left out of the loop. He took a moment to consider their next course of action. With no PDF officer present he was naturally now their de-facto leader, this much was obvious and in the wake of the slaughter they would need a strong guiding hand.

The gates needed repairing in some manner. The bodies of the Orks needed disposing of. Personally he needed to replace his weapon as he own carbine was now in two pieces and out of sight.

He was about to start barking out orders when Trooper Grainer approached. “According to the Angel and the two off-worlders, we need to burn the bodies and to do that we need to go get the promethium left in the wrecks of the cargo-haulers. Dom, Liam and Hal. You, me and Tobias are going on that particular field trip. The rest of you should probably report to the other off-worlder, Elias. He seems to know what he’s doing and probably out-ranks you anyhow. If you don’t like the idea of that, my suggestion would be to take it up with the Angel of Death. From what I hear, he’s very open to suggestions…”

Report to the off-worlder? Jakon LaVeer would do no such thing. These were his soldiers. His command. While the outsiders plan was sound, such information should come through Jakon and he would decide how best to assign his men.

"Trooper Grainer. Thank you for your report. I will take things from here though." Jakon said with all the authority he could muster, stepping to the head of the scattered group and purposefully placing himself in front of Grainer, turning his back on him. "Troopers Krassus, Grainer and Varks. Assist with the disposal of the bodies. Troopers Caul and Thede. Start searching for anything we can use to repair the gates. Dismissed."

He didn't look to see if anyone had listened to him. He shouldn't have to. He turned on his heel and marched towards the off-worlders. As he drew close he came to a purposeful halt, stomping his right foot in perfect parade ground fashion and standing at attention.

"Soldiers of the Emperor. I thank you for your assistance. Alow me to introduce myself. I am Private Jakon LaVeer of the Prolial Planetary Defence Force. In light of our current situation I now command these men. If you wish anything of them your request shall come through me. I assume that shall not be a problem."
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